Yarn Motanka Doll

Motanka dolls are not just toys created for children's games. This charms. They can be found in any culture of the world. Historians claim that the first appeared more than five centuries ago. Such dolls differ from ordinary ones in that they have no face. According to the beliefs of the ancient Slavs, through the face a soul is showered into the doll, and it can be both good and evil. Reels were made to protect the home and family members. They guarded the housing, children, protected the economy, livestock and crops. The material for the manufacture was natural. Puppets, as a rule, prettied with national ornaments and embroidery. People believed that in this charm there lives the spirit of ancestors, able to transmit experience from generation to generation. That this apotropy is capable of screwing luck and profit. There are many ways to manufacture coils. This master class describes an example of making a doll out of yarn. To make a motank doll you will need:
- two-color acrylic yarn; - hard cardboard or book; - scissors; - glue or glue gun; - cardboard for the base; - decor (ribbons, beads,beads, etc.); - small pieces of fabric for clothes. The stages of creating a product: Creating a torso The height of the torso depends on the height of the base (cardboard or book). We take the book and wind the yarn. winding enough, scissor thread, on one and the other side of the book.
 winding enough
Create hair. Hair will be long, so we use the same basis for winding threads. We wind the yarn. Cutting from one side.
Create hair
 Create hair
Tightly tie the bundle of threads in the middle. We work in half. We tie around as close as possible to the edge.
 Tightly bundle bundle
 Tightly tie bundle
Create head. Around the bundle of yarn to create hair evenly distribute the previously harvested yarn to the body of the doll. Tight bind. Gently trim the edges with scissors.You can use glue for more confident fixation.
 Create a head
 Create the head
Turn the bundle upside down and pick the hair in one direction and the body in another one. Hair can be tied so as not to interfere. Then you can braid them or put them in their hair.
 We turn the bundle up
We tighten and fix the yarn to form the head and neck.
fix yarn
We form hands. We wrap torso-colored yarn on the base of a slightly smaller amount. We cut from two sides. On one side, as tight as possible. We braid the braid. Fixing.
We form hands
 We form hands
 We form hands
We divide the yarn of the doll's blank into two equal parts. In the middle, insert your hands and tightly fix the thread around the circumference. In order for the doll to stand, it must be placed on a rigid base with the help of a glue gun.To do this, we make a cone of cardboard or plastic.
 fix with a thread around a circle
The doll is ready. It remains to dress and decorate. This is where your fantasy plays. In this case, it is a shiny fabric in the form of a grid, secured with the help of the canvas of the corresponding color. The hair is styled with a beaded rope. Decorated costume and hairstyle with flowers. You can wear a doll in a national costume or a modern trend. That she was not lonely - to create a pair.
 Yarn reeled doll