Why is opera not working?

Dmitry Ermolinsky
Dmitry Ermolinsky
December 12, 2012
Why is opera not working?

Opera until recently was considered the best browser. But after it was oversaturated with functionality, but not so useful, it became too heavy, slow and began to give a lot of errors. So why is opera not working?

You can remove add-ons by opening Opera, go to Settings, select General Settings, then Advanced and Programs. Perhaps, if you upgrade the program to a new version or, restore the old one, it will become operational again.

Causes of failure

After installing the latest version of the following problem appeared. On various sites, no player functions, instead a square of black or white appears, whereas in IE everything works well. After reinstalling the flash, this problem was solved, but only until the opera was restarted again.

This is affected by hardware acceleration. You can type the following in the address bar of the opera: opera: gpu, and write there that you have the error Hardware acceleration enabled or the Hardware acceleration Disabled.If hardware acceleration is enabled, then it can be turned off and then 12 opera will work, like 11.64.

Why Opera Mini 5.1 does not work on Windows Mobile

Suddenly, when the Opera is turned on, a greeting appears and a proposal to accept the user agreement of the program and continue to work, all the Opera buttons will not work at the same time. The essence of the problem is that the touchscreen phone HTC HD2 does not have a "accept" button and no links. Reinstalling the program does not solve the problem, what then?

It looks like a firmware glitch - you just need to reset the program to its default settings.

You can litter a browser of dubious origin with plugins and scripts by installing various “free and useful” programs without thinking about the Next button. This soon will not allow the Internet viewer and related programs to work correctly, and the user will wonder why Opera is not working and how to fix it. After the garbage will be removed, as a rule, you need to restore the default browser settings. And you need to do everything as follows.

To reset the settings, you need to find a file in the browser folder named operprefs.ini (the name of the ini-file may be different in other versions of the program) and delete it (or rename it, which will allow you to restore the previous settings).The newly created program file will have factory settings.