Why not lucky in life?

What does it mean - no luck? Each person has his own personal understanding of the concepts of luck and bad luck. There is a part of people who blame only themselves for failures, but there are those who blame the whole world for everything. It seems to me that people who are looking for the root causes of bad luck in themselves are closer to the truth than those who blame various crises, rulers, and globalization. The man asks himself the question: why am I so unlucky? But this person, in most cases, does not think: what did I do to make me lucky? What did I try to change, to do to achieve lucky status? Few people can answer these questions. Because their essence is laid deep in the subconscious, to which it is sometimes so difficult to reach.

But, looking at other reasons, one can say that there are objective reasons for bad luck, for example, the country of residence of a person. If he was born in a third world country, then not many resources are available to this person, compared to residents of the same America or Europe. This is an objective sign of luck or bad luck.But we will look at everything from the other side, looking truth in the eyes, and to be honest, based on the expression “there would be a desire”. So, the reasons for which a person can not carry.

Lack of knowledge and lack of intelligence

This refers to the very knowledge of life, its experience. Suppose you left the school with round eyes, studying various subjects, the connection between which was not observed, and you think: where to start? Go to university, or go to work? What is my strength and resources? But the school does not teach the most important thing - life experience. To know this truth, you need to learn a lot, try a lot, go through mistakes to the right path. Well, in order to stumble less through these mistakes, you need to constantly improve yourself, to know yourself and the truth of your imagination.

Illiteracy of the psyche

You may ask why some are lucky in life, and some are not? All this is connected with the psychological maturity of a person. As a rule, people mature in this regard are easier to make new acquaintances, communicate, that is, move closer to success. And some people, since childhood, under the influence of certain scenarios and suggestions, have not learned this, have not known this way, in connection with which they have certain difficulties.It is necessary to develop talents in a person since childhood, instill in him the laws of society, give him an incentive to live in this society, let him know what communication is and instill in him the idea that this is a normal and necessary pivot in the further development of himself and his luck


Another enemy of man and his progress towards a better life. Man, by nature, is a rather lazy creature, and due to the fact that laziness can take the form of any phenomenon or action, sometimes without even thinking, a person does not do what could bring him success. It is necessary to learn in time, identify and eradicate laziness in yourself. This is one of the most important qualities of a successful life. Moreover, only the person himself can recognize laziness in himself, and begin to struggle with it with might and main.

Lack of spirituality

This is considered an inability to appreciate the beauty of life, and to notice in it the details that would give strength and craving for improvement. Having gone outside in the morning, will you notice many smiling faces? Everyone has only thoughts about problems and hardships, despite the fact that all of them do not notice the obvious, every moment and second donated to them, to achieve happiness and success.And how can a person who doesn’t notice even small things progress in life after seeing more? To see it to him, the usual average and gloomy inhabitant, will not be able to. So, he will fuss in life without noticing the path to success.

Missing logical thinking

When a person is unable to ask himself questions and give reasonable answers to them, he will be unable to accomplish much. Since everything in our life is built on a certain logic, knowing the secret of which, it will be possible, as well as to circumvent certain life obstacles, and not allow them.


Why is man not lucky? Because he did not do anything to make him lucky. And did not, perhaps because of their indecision or cowardice in life. Courage, in many ways means more than knowledge and intelligence. Modesty and cowardice, as well as self-doubt, interfere with the life of a huge number of people on our planet.


Why, one person can do in an hour, more than another? Because he keeps his body in good shape, giving him greater strength, confidence in victory and efficiency. As they say, in a healthy body there is a healthy mind, which is an important factor in elevating to success. How long have you been doing morning exercises?


You can also think to yourself: why are you constantly unlucky, why does this happen? But the answer immediately lies - how much do you motivate yourself to achieve something better? We, in fact, do not know what we want, and if we do, we do not know why we need it. So, to achieve success, you need to work with your goals, awaken your sincere and deep needs, learn from successful people.

White Crow Fear

Never be afraid to stand out, to be different, to make your opinion public. Look at the people who talk behind their backs about many things, while they themselves, in order to achieve a common goal, when it comes to them, are hiding in the crowd. The credo of losers is to be like everyone else!

Why not lucky in life? Why are you lucky? Two eternally and constantly asked questions. As a rule, such questions are asked by ordinary, black crows, and you remember who it is? Just know and do everything to know that you are a white crow, moreover, in the good sense of the word. You do not ask too many questions, but you know in advance that happiness and luck are with you, you just need to notice him in time!