Why is music not playing?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
March 18, 2015
Why is music not playing?

Many of us use the social network "VKontakte" not so much to communicate with friends as to listen to music, view photos and videos. However, users of the network often face the problem of the inability to play music and, of course, this is very annoying. Let's see why the music does not play in "VKontakte" and how to fix this problem.

No Adobe Flash Player

One of the most popular reasons for not playing music on a social network is the lack of Adobe Flash Player. In fact, if you do not have Adobe Flash Player installed, you will have problems not only with playing audio, but also watching most of the video.

A free version of the Adobe Flash Player can be downloaded.

Sound Card Drivers

Perhaps your sound card drivers have "fallen off", in which case the music will not play at all on your device, not only on the social network. Most likely, the driver just needs to be updated. For this:

  1. Go to the "Computer" menu, from scratch, right-click and select "Properties" in the drop-down menu.
  2. In the window that opens, click the "Device Manager" section.
  3. Find the line "Sound, video and gaming devices", click on the white arrow next to this inscription.
  4. In the list that opens, click on the drivers with the right mouse button, select the item "Update drivers".
  5. If you have a network connection, the drivers should be installed automatically, otherwise copy the name of the drivers, find them yourself on the network, download and install them.

Browser congestion

If, in addition to the "VKontakte" tab, you have opened a couple of dozen pages in the browser, it is quite possible that the music does not play simply because the browser does not "pull" support for all these pages at once. This situation is especially relevant if you open pages with pop-up ads.

Insufficient speed

The reason for the inability to play music from a social network can be even more banal - to play music you do not have a high enough Internet connection speed. This problem is most likely when a user tries to play music from a mobile device, the Internet on which is provided by the mobile operator.