Why is Lenin Lenin?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
November 16, 2011
Why is Lenin Lenin?

At the end of 1901, Vladimir Ulyanov took the pseudonym of Lenin. At this time, he signed his print works exactly like this. Where did this last name come from? There are quite a few versions on this score, let's look at the question.

Why Lenin Lenin: The Story of a Pseudonym

I would like to begin the story of this pseudonym with the refutation of the popular “family”, so to speak, version of the origin of the name “Lenin” in Ulyanov. In the memoirs, a family tune is preserved, according to which the pseudonym Lenin was taken from the name of the Lena River, where a group of strikers was shot. Allegedly Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov was so shocked by this event that after reading about them in a note from Korolenko, he took a new surname for himself. But historians claim that the events described on the Lena River occurred in 1912, and the pseudonym was taken earlier. There remain 3 versions that have not been finally contested until now ...

Why Lenin (Ulyanov) took a pseudonym - an imitation

Some researchers believe that Ulyanov took a pseudonym because of simple imitation.For the first time Lenin's signature was witnessed in 1901 in a letter to Georgy Plekhanov. Plekhanov at that time had the pseudonym Volgin, which he invented after the name of the great Russian river Volga. By analogy with this, Ulyanov also named himself in honor of the Russian river Lena. This version is quite the place to be.

Why Ulyanov Lenin - borrowing

It is said that Ulyanov used about a hundred different pseudonyms, signing articles: both Silin, and Ivanov, and Petrov, and Karpov, and there wasn’t any! In his works, he often quoted the then well-known public figure and farmer Sergey Nikolaevich Lenin. Therefore, there is reason to believe that Ulyanov borrowed his real name due to his great sympathy for his views.

Why Lenin was called Lenin - the case in the passport

And, finally, the most realistic, according to many researchers, version. Think about it, because at the very beginning Ulyanov signed his articles, documents, books, not just with the last name Lenin, he added the initial “H”. This can serve as proof of the latest version ...

In 1900, Vladimir Ilyich needed to urgently go abroad. Ulyanov, of course, had concerns that, due to his political sins, the issuance of his passport would be difficult, and they would not want to let him out of his homeland.Well, it was necessary to look for some workarounds. The simple path was found quite unexpectedly ...

During this period, Nadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya met her old friend Olga Nikolaevna Lenina. She imbued with the social-democratic movement that was born in Russia and decided to help Ulyanov in difficulties. Olga Nikolaevna stole the passport of her father, Nikolai Egorovich Lenin, and forged the necessary data, namely the date of birth. From that moment on, the pseudonym of Lenin firmly entrenched with Ulyanov. It was not difficult to sign articles with the name Lenin, the owner of the printing house was provided with a passport of the real state adviser Nikolai Lenin.