Why is the laptop noisy?

Julia Chmykhalo
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Why is the laptop noisy?

Any technique with time may begin to work incorrectly or even break. This applies to all modern computer equipment. If your laptop started to make a lot of noise or buzz after switching on, then it is necessary to examine it as soon as possible and determine the cause of the problem.

The appearance of extraneous noise may be due to excessive accumulation of dust in the device case, drying of thermal paste on the processor, fan failure, or any other damage.

It is worth noting that if your PC is under warranty, then it is better to immediately contact a certified service center in order not to lose it. In addition, with careless actions during self-repair, you can damage the expensive parts of the laptop. If you are not confident in your abilities, refer to the masters.

Why does a laptop that was bought recently roar?

The main reason for the appearance of noise during the operation of a new laptop is the strong heating of one of its components: a processor, video card or motherboard.The device may start to warm up if you put it on a soft surface, such as a sofa upholstery, a warm blanket, etc., during operation. In this case, the cooling system cannot provide the necessary air flow and is trying to reduce the temperature by maximizing the fan speed.

To get rid of the noise, it is enough to put the computer on a flat surface or to provide the necessary air flow to the ventilation holes. In that case, if the noise does not stop, and the laptop slows down, close all demanding applications and games. After that, wait a couple of minutes and evaluate the noise level. If nothing has changed, bring it under warranty inspection to the service.

What else are the causes of noise in a laptop?

If the laptop has already worked for some time (usually at least a year), and now began to make noise, the problem may be in the dust. You need to disassemble the laptop and carefully clean it with a soft brush. Pay special attention to the ventilation holes and the cooler, they usually accumulate the maximum amount of dust.

Also check the condition of the thermal paste on the processor, if it dried out and hardened strongly, replace it. Due to the low thermal conductivity, the efficiency of the cooling system may drop significantly.