Why is the baby crying?

The cry of a child is an integral part of the life of a young mother. Due to the fact that the baby is crying, many parents spend months without normal sleep. We must understand that the case may not be in bad care or in improper diet. Screaming small children communicate with the world, communicate their desires, show emotions. When a child learns to speak, he can already say with words what he wants, and the baby can only whimper and cry. Let's see why the baby is crying.

Crying - the strongest mental experience, emotional peak, which arises against the background of arousal or dissatisfaction with needs. Weeping has many functions - a whim, a request, a demand, a discharge of emotions. By the way, if you don’t understand the reason for crying a child, then from early childhood you can fix his habit of getting everything by begging and tears. In addition, it can lead to infantilism in adulthood.

Why does a baby cry

If an older child can specifically cause crying in order to get something from the parents, the baby always cries for some reason. Crying baby is reflex in nature.It arises from the fact that the child needs to satisfy its need - to sleep, eat, drink, etc. However, sometimes the baby begins to cry in order to attract the attention of parents. After all, he himself can not change a wet diaper or get breast milk.

Also, anything that interferes with its existence can be a cause for crying an infant: teeth are cut, a stomach ache, too warm or cold, etc.

For a stranger, a baby’s cry always looks the same, but a mother can always tell the difference with which emotion her child cries.

Why is the baby crying before bed?

Sometimes a small child may start crying when he is put to bed. He can scream, jerk hands and legs, drop diapers. Often this occurs because the child does not want to sleep yet. Therefore, it is worth some time to play with him, feed.

Also, the cause of crying before bedtime may be the inconvenience caused by diapers or the location of the child. The baby is almost helpless, so parents should conveniently stack their child themselves.

Why is the baby crying in his sleep

The reasons for crying a child in a dream can be several.Quite often, the baby behaves restlessly due to the fact that during the day he received a lot of emotions, he saw many new things. In a dream, the child's brain actively processes all this information, so the baby can cry.

The second reason is physiological. A child may cry in his sleep, because he is teething or is suffering from intestinal cramps. It is very important that the mother was there at such a moment. After all, if there is no close person, when it hurts, the child will cry even harder.

Why does a baby cry at night

Crying baby at night is quite a frequent occurrence. Most often it occurs due to the fact that the child is awake, and there is no one around. The baby may want to eat, because the body is growing rapidly, and food is constantly needed. Also, the baby may be uncomfortable because of a wet diaper.

Sometimes the crying of a child at night arises from fear. When a child wakes up, he is dark and scary, and next to him there is no one who could calm him down.

To avoid crying at night, it is important to check that the child before bed is full, satisfied and in dry laundry.

Why does a baby cry when waking up

The reasons for this crying may be different.Sometimes children cry on waking, when they have a dream about something unpleasant or terrible. The brain processes the information the child has received during the day, so the dreams in children are bright and colorful.

Interfere with teeth or colic in the abdomen can also interfere with sleep. Symptoms of these ailments can be seen even before sleep, so you should be ready to cry.

Also, the reaction to vaccinations can cause the child to start crying as he wakes up.

Why baby cries during and after feeding

The infant may burst into tears during feeding. Quite often this happens when a baby has inflammatory processes in the oral mucosa or in otitis media. Crying such a child will be louder and above normal Otitis can also be recognized by the fact that the baby breaks away from the breast after a few sips of milk.

After feeding, the baby may also burst into tears. This is due to the fact that during the meal in the intestine got air. To do this, you must observe the proper fit and grip of the nipple when feeding. In addition, a young mother needs to watch her diet. Some products can change the taste of milk, so that the baby will cry - because milk is not as usual.

Lack of communication

The need for communication is another reason why a monthly child may cry. The baby, like an adult, needs attention and communication with it. Sometimes, when there are no other reasons for crying, it is worth talking to the child, playing with him, telling a fairy tale.

As you can see, the reasons why a baby cries can be quite a lot. Parents need to carefully monitor how their baby behaves every day. After all, every little thing can cause emotions in an infant. Sometimes bright light or loud music and speech lead to a long cry baby. In addition, do not forget that a long heart-rending crying of a baby can affect not only his psychological state, but also is the cause of umbilical hernia and vomiting.

If the baby’s crying is regular, and food, sleep, or feeding are the same as usual, then it may be due to some illness. So feel free to go to the pediatrician who will help you with your child.