Why do games fly out?

Often, after installing the game, problems arise: the game "crashes", the error crashes. Do not rush to immediately delete the game and write angry comments on the Internet, that the game is not working - read the article and you may find the root of your problem.

First you should decide whether you have a licensed game or a pirated version downloaded from the Internet. The type of problems that may arise depends on this. I must say that if the game is licensed (the original packaging, purchased in the official store), then the problem is most likely in your computer. Consider a number of problems due to which the game may not work for pirated, and for licensed games:

  • Overheat. Perhaps it is a technical matter, and your car just overheats. Such a problem may occur due to non-working coolers and other cooling systems. Check them carefully.
  • Viruses. Malicious programs may not allow the game to start or create problems, which are why you are asking yourself the question: why do games crash on windows 7 or other operating systems?To eliminate these problems, update your antivirus and scan your computer.
  • Outdated software. Another problem is why the games crash or why the error in the game crashes. In particular, it is DiretX and Microsoft Framework. Update these programs. It is also worth updating the drivers of the video card, motherboard and other parts of your computer.
  • Incompatibility with the operating system or other programs. Read the specifications, maybe just your operating system does not support this game. Maybe you inattentively read the instructions? Do it again and focus on the technical requirements of the game. For pirated games - CAREFULLY read the instructions, there most likely you need to disable the antivirus and firewall, do not run other programs in parallel, and a lot of everything else that is required during installation. So that you don’t look like a fool and ask questions like: “Why do games fly out?”, “System windows 7, why do games fly out?” - strictly follow the instructions.
  • Technical failure. Maybe something is wrong with the "iron", but this is an unlikely option, and if you have questions about why the games crash, you do not fix the problem.Only specialists will help here: if nothing helps and glitches, bugs in games and programs continue, take the computer to the technical center for diagnostics.
  • Operating system malfunction. If your operating system has not been updated for a long time, it has not been reinstalled, it may be a problem. You can reinstall the system, it often helps, but to do better at the end, after using other methods.
  • Incorrect installation. Try to just reinstall the game again, referring to the instructions, maybe the problem is in the wrong installation.

Try, install. I hope the information will be useful to you. Most likely, your mistake will be corrected in one of the ways, but do not forget that a non-licensed game may in itself create problems, why the game crashes or why the game crashes when launched. I hope that there are no more questions why the games fly out, and the game has earned.