Why dream that you eat boiled?

In various dream books, cooked foods have a very different interpretation, but more often than not, such a dream does not portend serious negative events. In general, cooking in a dream - it means to be engaged in a useful thing in reality, and, most likely, your undertaking will give a positive result. Consider a more detailed interpretation in various dream books.

Big Dream

This dream book says that cooking means doing a good job. Cooking soup - get good news, cook some other soup - soon find a rich husband, soup - go on a long business trip. If in a dream you cook compote - soon you will receive money. If, during cooking, you are scalded with boiling water, this foreshadows a sad accident.

Esoteric dream book

To dream of boiled eggs in a dream means thinking about the upcoming continuation of the species, looking for a more orderly sex life. To cook any kind of food at all means to independently control your life, as well as possess magical powers.

Modern dream book


Why dream of boiled chicken? In the Modern Dream Book it is a harbinger of gain, good luck in the game or big profits. There is a chicken - for good gifts. However, in some other dream books, a dreamed chicken means wasted efforts, unexpected arrival of guests, or concern about any minor items. In addition, in most dream books, chicken is associated with the feminine. If she dreams of a pregnant woman - this means that a girl will be born.

Culinary dream book

Why dream of boiled eggs? It speaks of successful deeds and undertakings. If you dream of eating boiled eggs in your sleep, this indicates good health. However, they can also be interpreted as gossip behind your back, condemning the conversations of others. There are several more answers to the question of what boiled chicken eggs dream about: they are often interpreted as empty and unnecessary efforts, and also as unpleasant surprises.

Small Veles dream

To boil in a dream is to quarrel soon. In a dream, boiled means quick profit or serious success in any business. To boil meat in a dream is to be in an uncertain, changeable situation.

Any dream is rather not a prediction, but a warning of what might happen in the future. Even if it has a negative value, you should not worry in vain: any situation can change dramatically for the better.