Why does the nose redden?

Surely, you have met people who have redness on the tip of the nose. Why does the nose redden? And are there any methods to get rid of this phenomenon? In fact, it all depends on the reasons leading to the appearance of redness on the nose. Experts say that some people are too excited, and they, along with the appearance of redness on the cheeks, appear redness and on the nose. To get rid of the redness that appears due to excitement, it is necessary to take care of yourself The only deliverance from this phenomenon will be psychological exercises and auto-training.

Main reasons

One of the possible causes of redness of the nose are weak blood vessels. They most actively affect the redness of the nose in people who are characterized by problems with the thyroid gland, as well as in smokers. Redness of the nose in this case, it is nothing but a spasm of blood vessels, which can occur if a person goes into a cold or stuffy room for a few minutes. Solve the problem with redness of the nose will be possible only after the elimination of the root cause.That is, it is necessary to treat the thyroid gland, as well as quit smoking.

If you come from a frost and see your reflection in the mirror, on which the reddened nose, do not worry. This is a normal reaction of the body of a healthy person to a stressful situation, which is a lowered air temperature. Not only the nose turns red in the cold, but also in the heat. You may not have noticed, but when entering the room from the street in hot weather, you will look the same as if you entered after a frost - with a reddened nose.

Redness on the nose may appear due to acne. The appearance of pink rash leads to the appearance of redness and in this situation, you must contact a dermatologist or a cosmetologist. He will decide. What means can be used to treat acne. After the elimination of the factor provoking redness in the nose, it will pass. Some folk remedies help cure acne. But in any case, it is not recommended to engage in self-treatment, especially when it comes to the skin on the face. After all, often national methods are inactive in specific cases, despite the fact that they help other people.Redness on the nose associated with alcoholism, since this disease increases blood pressure, resulting in expansion of blood vessels. Blood circulation in such people is impaired, micro-strokes are possible, as a result of which redness appears on the nose.

Folk ways

Earlier we found out why the nose is red in the cold, therefore, in this case you should not resort to any treatment. The only thing you can do - do not drink too hot drinks and meals. If you went to the doctor who conducted the examination and did not reveal any abnormalities in your body, then you can make compresses from chamomile infusion. This method of treatment involves the use of contrasting compresses - hold a hot compress for 2 minutes, then change it to a cold one. Cold compress lasts for two minutes.

Treatment with compresses is recommended twice a week, regularly. In this way, you train the nerves at the tip of the nose, and they become less sensitive to temperature changes. If you notice that after drinking alcohol, you have a red nose, then give up on them.What to do if the nose turns red while sunbathing, that is, on the beach? Be sure to cover your nose with a tissue or cloth.