Why does a baby sleep badly?

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Why does a baby sleep badly?

Every second parent faces sleep problems in a child. They occur for a variety of reasons. It is important to identify the true problem and resolve it.

Bad sleep: the main reasons

Under the bad sleep of the child means frequent waking up during the night and short nap during the day (no more than 30 minutes). To find out why the baby does not sleep well, it is important to observe him and experimentally identify the cause of this situation.

Age features

Poor sleep in a child may be associated with age-related features. In the first months of life, only a few babies sleep soundly and a lot, while the rest often awaken and are capricious due to shallow sleep. It should not be assumed that when a child matures a little, this problem will go away by itself. Indeed, over time, he may develop fears, which are often manifested in the form of fear of the dark and nightmares.

To avoid sleep problems associated with age-related changes, many experts recommend practicing sleeping together with a child from the first days of his life to 2 years.Then he will be less likely to cry at night, because he will feel the care of his parents, and when confronted with nightmares he will experience less, because he will know that mom and dad are always there.

If you are not able to sleep with your child, then you need to surround him with care - at the first cry or call come to the child, help him calm down and fall asleep. It is important not to make him alone with his problem, otherwise his anxiety will only increase.

Child health

If a child does not sleep well during the day or night, then this may be caused by health problems:

  • pain in the stomach or intestines;
  • congenital malformations;
  • tumors;
  • disruption of the central nervous system;
  • teething;
  • inflammation of the middle ear;
  • dysbacteriosis and so on.

Only a doctor can help solve a health problem. Contact a pediatrician as soon as possible - as soon as the crumb recovers, full sleep will return to him immediately.

Child's temperament

If your child has an increased excitability, then sleep problems cannot be avoided. These kids need a special approach. They should be regularly engaged during the day, walk and play as often as possible,do a bedtime massage with soothing essential oils and a warm bath, where you should add a small amount of pine extract or motherwort infusion.

Uncomfortable atmosphere

Why does a child sleep badly day and night? Maybe because you wrap him too much? Another option is uncomfortable pajamas. Also bad sleep can be provoked by hard sheets, an uncomfortable pillow or bed, a too warm microclimate in the room or the presence of drafts in it. It is important to analyze each of these factors and, if a negative is identified, to eliminate it.

Disruption of the daily routine

If you do not adhere to the daily routine, then the child will constantly experience problems with sleep. Many parents do not follow the well-known regime for children. So, they put their children at different times, and sometimes late at night, walk with them irregularly, feed not on a clock, and so on. All this provokes sleep disturbance. There is only one way out - to draw up the daily routine for the child and strictly adhere to it. Then after a while the sleep of the baby is normalized.

Parents' mistakes

Misdirection by parents can also lead to sleep disorders. Here is a list of some of them:

  • Sleep in motion.Often parents teach children to sleep in their arms or in slings. This can not be done, because the use of motion sickness is permissible only to calm the child, not to sleep. As soon as the child fell asleep, he should immediately be transferred to the crib or to the place where he will not sleep in motion.
  • Distracting details. If you are used to wrapping a child with all sorts of toys and objects that entertain him, then you will make a big mistake, because they will distract him from sleep. Therefore, minimize the number of objects and toys in the child's room. Better surround him with them when it is time for him to play.
  • Violation of the ritual of going to bed. Babies in the evening decided to bathe and massage them. But after a while, parents come to the conclusion that the child no longer needs such procedures before going to bed, and he, in turn, has become accustomed to them and cannot doze off without them.
  • Early relocation to another bed. Children are not always ready to change their cradle on the bed of a more impressive size, in connection with this they may start having problems with sleep. Therefore, it is important in such a situation not to rush and observe the needs of the child.

Forging the right associations

Every child should have the correct biological rhythms. So, by 5-6 months, the baby should get used to longer wakefulness during the day and prolonged episodes of night sleep. For this it is necessary to develop his association. So, it is recommended to feed him 1-1.5 hours before bedtime - then the child will gradually get used to the fact that after eating he will soon have to go to bed. Spend hygiene procedures 15-20 minutes before the baby’s sleep. 10-5 minutes before laying in bed start singing him a lullaby or tell a tale. All this will develop the child's correct associations to sleep, so he will fall asleep quickly.

To make the child fall asleep faster, you should not do this before going to bed:

  • to punish and scold;
  • ignore the child's requests;
  • play active and noisy games;
  • conduct educational explanations;
  • turn on the TV or the stereo system loudly, since the strong sounds of the overexcitation of the child and he will not be able to sleep for a long time.