Why do people give up their own happiness

Life on autopilot

The easiest way to miss your own happiness, when you do not clearly know what you want from life. Often a person lives from a childhood pattern, finishes the school where his parents sent him, then the university where he was the easiest to enroll, goes to work in the first place where he was accepted, then meets a man or a woman and gets married, has children . Life in this case can pass unconsciously, as if on a machine. Under the influence of some circumstances, a person may suddenly think that he is bored with life and that he wanted several other things. Someone will decide to change, but someone will not have enough courage, because the uncertainty is scary.

Fears and complexes

In the case when a person initially knows what he wants and what he needs for happiness, sometimes complexes, fears and indecision interfere. For example, a young man wants to become an artist or designer, but under the pressure of his parents he goes to study for a lawyer.Even if he succeeds in making a good career, he will most likely feel dissatisfied and blame himself for not being able to defend his desires. It also happens that a person dreams of realizing himself in a profession where oratorical skills are required, but in public from fear he cannot even connect two words. Then he can try to overcome fear, including with the help of a psychologist. If this fails, the dream remains unfulfilled.
People often stop public opinion and existing stereotypes. For example, a person in 35 years old realized that he wanted to change his profession and he even has a certain amount of security to complete courses or start his own business. But friends and relatives are skeptical about his ideas and say that it is too late and that stability is most important. And a person cannot afford to be internally independent and do what he wants.
It is difficult to be happy to someone who grew up in a family with strict upbringing and does not consider his desires worthy of attention. He was not used to identifying his needs and satisfying them. He always tries to do the “right thing”.Such a person may be a workaholic and deprive himself of rest, and in the family try first of all for the husband or wife and children, and forget about himself. This behavior stems primarily from low self-esteem, a lack of self-love and a sense of unworthiness.

Personal life

People are not happy enough, and because they can not be close to their loved ones. So, a man or woman can love a person who is already married and has children. Not everyone decides to destroy the family. Either the man does not dare to make a woman a proposal, and then she goes beyond the other. Also, lovers can disperse under the pressure of parents and due to the fact that they belong to different sectors of society.