Who has experience, tell me, please: is it worth going to work in a recruitment agency?

The fact is that I am a psychologist by basic education. And they invite me to a large recruitment agency. There is no such experience. I doubt it .. Tell me please ..
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And what is not something? If you are satisfied with the conditions, you can go. Just be prepared for stress. People are often dissatisfied with the level of services provided by such organizations, and those that have been brought up worse or are already tired of giving their last bloody money to scam can and uncivilized indicate the path that you will be recommended to take. If such a prospect does not scare you much - go ahead to the mines))). And in all other respects do not worry: the job is dustless, there are few concrete instructions, there are few duties. In general, weigh the pros and cons and make a decision for yourself so that you do not kick others that you have suggested wrong.