Where to give old things?

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Where to give old things?

If you have accumulated a large amount of old unwanted clothes, which you feel like throwing out, and you will not be wearing, you need to think about where you can give them. To date, there are quite a few options that allow you to attach your old good things.

We give things

Old unnecessary things can be given to people who need it. There are several options where you can attach old things:

  • Orphanage. If you have collected a large number of children's and teen clothing, then it can be given to children's homes. To do this, we enter “Children's Home” in the search engine field, find the phone number and ask the manager what they need.
  • old men from the hinterland. We search the Internet for the nearest Integrated Social Services Center (KCSSO), call up with the organizer and send the necessary things by mail. There on the spot things will give the poor older people.
  • graduates of orphanages. Since graduates of such institutions go into adulthood with almost nothing, they are happy with any help, including the old quality things.
  • neighbors.If you have a poor family in the neighborhood, you can offer them prepared things.
  • ads on the web. This option is very common at the moment. In the search engine you need to register "I will give things to those in need" and choose the appropriate organization or website that collects such things. The most popular sites where you can attach your things - this and. If you want to give children's things, you can use the site.
  • charitable foundations and organizations. If you do not have time to look for yourself where to return old things, you can contact a specialized fund, for example, such as “Russian Birch” ().

You can learn about the attachment of children's things from the article Where to give children's things.

Selling things

If you do not want to give away your things for free, you can sell them. You can consider the option of commission stores in your region or specialized sites with similar ads, for example,.

For more information on selling old stuff, see the article Where to sell things.

Cooking things

If you have found where to give old things, then you need to prepare them:

  • wash all things;
  • sew up small holes;
  • sew on buttons and repair all fasteners, including zippers;
  • categorize things into separate packages.

What not to give

It is not necessary to give such things:

  • holed, spoiled;
  • substandard and defective;
  • things with big stains;
  • Underwear;
  • old fashioned hats;
  • heavy coats;
  • what you yourself would not wear.