Where to buy coins?

Alexander Smaznev
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Where to buy coins?

Suppose you recently had a new hobby - numismatics. This is the name for collecting coins and banknotes that have become obsolete or used in other countries. But you still do not know where they buy such coins.

So, where can I buy coins of collectible value?

Numismatic Internet sites

The emergence of modern information technology and the ability to buy goods at a distance via the Internet has greatly simplified the lives of collectors. Now it became possible to buy an interesting copy of a particular coin without leaving the house.

Special category "Coins" is on the popular online auction. Here people who are interested in numismatics can purchase lots exposed by sellers. Purchase takes place on the principle of auction, that is, the goods will go to the buyer who has offered a higher price.

You can also buy coins on special numismatic portals, for example,. Both resources have a convenient internal search that makes it easier for collectors to purchase artifacts of interest to them.Also on the sites there is a lot of other information useful for beginners numismatists.

Where else can you buy coins

And what if you fear that the wrong thing you are looking for will be sold to you via the Internet? Or do you want to pre-hold the coin of your interest in your hands and make sure of its authenticity? Then you need to make purchases directly from collectors. But where are the coin collectors going?

You can learn about it on special online forums. Go, for example, to. Here in the search box, select your country and city. The forum will see the addresses and time of meetings of numismatic lovers of your region. For example, in St. Petersburg numismatists are going to DC them. Tsuryupy on Saturdays from 10 to 13-00 and in another 27 places. Also, site users leave feedback on the forum with their impressions of visits to shops, markets and meetings.

All that remains to be done is to personally come to the meeting and find out whether anything of interest to you is being sold.