Where are the files stored?

Many inexperienced computer users can not find the file downloaded from the Internet. It seems to be a file and downloaded successfully, but where exactly is unclear. You can try to find it by opening all the folders in a row, but you can spend a year of your life like this without finding anything. So what to do? Where are the files stored on the computer? Where to look for them then?

Where files are saved in the browser

But, let's understand gradually. Consider the procedure for finding files using the most popular browsers.

If you are using Internet Explorer, then before downloading the file, you can save the document at a convenient place for you by clicking "Save As". After that, a new window should open, in which you need to select the desired folder, and click "Save." If you clicked just to save, and you have no idea where the file was saved, then go to the browser settings, and then go to “View Downloads”. As a result, a list of downloaded files will open, from which you need to select the desired one.

The process of saving a file in Opera browser is similar to the previous one. To search for a previously downloaded file, you need to find “All downloads” in the left functional panel and click on it, after which a list of all downloaded files will open, and you will only have to find the one you need.

With Firefox, things are somewhat more problematic. The problem is that when saving a file, it does not ask you to specify it for saving, and sometimes it is difficult to find it. To search for the required download, go through the following menu chain: "Tools"> "Downloads", and then find the desired file in the window that opens.

If you are an ardent supporter of the Google Chrome browser, then you can find the file you just downloaded on the panel below, or go to “settings” and select “downloads”, and search for it in the list.

Also it is worth knowing where the downloaded files are saved through the Torrent program. The file is saved in my documents, or in the download folder, but the file storage location can be changed by going to the program settings.

If you did not change the settings in the browser or torrent, then the default files are saved in the folder at D: \ Users \ Username \ Downloads.

Where temporary files are stored

Many are also interested in the question: where are the temporary files stored? The location of temporary files depends on which files you are looking for.

Temporary program files are saved to the hard disk where the operating system is installed. That is, you need to open, for example, drive C, then go to the Documents and Settings folder, then to the User Name folder, then to Local Settings, and finally to the Temp folder (For Windows XP) or first drive C, then "Users", then the folder "User Name", then "Local Settings", and "Temp" (for Windows Vista and 7)

If you are interested in the location of temporary files of the browser, then you should look for them in the drive chain C: \ users \ User name \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Browser name.

If all attempts to find the file were unsuccessful, but you remember at least part of its name, then use the standard Windows search.