When will include heating in Tyumen in 2015

The inclusion of heating in 2015 in Tyumen is scheduled for the second half of September. The laws of the Russian Federation stipulate that heating systems must supply heating to apartment, medical, educational and administrative buildings, as the street temperature in Tyumen will fall and will not rise five days above 8 degrees Celsius.

The beginning of the heating season

Preparing Tyumen for the winter season 2015-2016

Due to timely diagnostics and repair work on heating mains, insulation of facades of buildings, hydraulic testing and cleaning of heat supply systems in social facilities and residential apartment buildings, carried out in stages in the summer, preparation for the start of the heating season is in full swing. Usually the city administration appoints the beginning of the autumn-winter period to September 18-20, but this year the heat in the apartments will appear somewhat later due to the autumn temperature regime in the region.

Condition of the heat supply systems


In order to find out when a particular house will be provided with heat, you can call the regional hotline for the heating season, which was specially created by the state housing and communal inspection. Also for these purposes, you can call the service of heat and sanitation. Phones are available on the official website of the Tyumen city certificate.

In order to improve the user service, the heat supply organization of the city, PJSC SUENKO, allows discussing all the issues that concern consumers at the personal reception of citizens, taking place from 15 to 17 hours. Unlike previous years, according to the forecast of the city administration of Tyumen, the start of the heating season can be expected without delay according to the established schedule.

What determines the timing of the inclusion of heating?

A number of circumstances affect the date of heat connection in Tyumen, and the main ones are:

  • allocation by the administration of funds for the inclusion of heating systems;
  • timely preparation of all components of the heating system;
  • on-time repair and maintenance work.

In 2015, the city administration provided the necessary facilities with the appropriate services for repairing and maintaining heating networks.

Now, 97% of consumer buildings have been prepared for the inclusion of heating.Repair and maintenance work is carried out in a timely manner.