When to plant daffodils?

Katya malina
Katya malina
May 23, 2015
When to plant daffodils?

Daffodils are bright, fragrant spring flowers that will decorate any flowerbed. Along with tulips, it is the most popular type of garden flowers, besides, it is well acclimatized in any, even understated and darkened places. Unlike the same tulips, daffodils are not so demanding on the lighting and the type of soil, so they can grow almost throughout Russia. They grow especially well in the middle lane.

However, in the spring of daffodils pleased your eye with lush blooms, you need to comply with some of the conditions of their landing. So let's talk about when to plant daffodils.

Planting daffodils

Daffodils are bulbous flowers, and their flowering period is in spring, so they should be planted in the fall. About what other types of garden plants are planted at this time of the year, you can read in the article What kind of flowers are planted in autumn. Daffodils are multiplied by bulbs. Growing them from seeds is quite difficult and inconvenient.

Autumn planting

In different regions of the country, planting dates of this plant may vary, so you should focus on weather conditions.The most preferable period is from the second half of August to the beginning of September, when the air temperature will keep around 10 ° of heat. This is explained by the fact that with an earlier planting, the bulb can not only develop underground, but also grow, and therefore freeze at the first frost. In addition, roots can rot at high temperatures. Late planting is unfavorable, since the root system of the bulb will not have time to form before the onset of cold weather.

If you still had to plant daffodils later than the specified period, you must cover them with dry leaves, grass or compost, spruce branches, straw, sawdust. Also cover for the winter you need types of flowers brought from warmer climatic zones.

Spring landing

It also happens that the bulbs of daffodils could get in the midst of winter. Then they will need to be stored in a cool place, and in spring, with the onset of heat, they should be planted in open ground (when the ground is completely thawed - in the period of April-May). If you grow daffodils in garden vases, then such a period of bulbs in a cool place at rest is required.

If the bulbs you bought just in the spring, you can try to plant them immediately in your garden. However, you need to know that daffodils planted in the spring, bloom much later.

If you follow these tips, sunny daffodils will surely delight you with their bright buds in the coming spring!