What women attract rich men?

Never sought to live off men. Since childhood, I wanted to achieve everything myself. Even in my thoughts there was no sign that the prince on a white horse would come and give me everything. So I plow like a horse. And sometimes you want to relax and not think about tomorrow. Well, to bring everything on a silver platter. After all, it happens. Not for nothing, they say that their desires need to be formed correctly and accurately ...

And there is another type of women. Among my friends such ladies are many. Their material needs they realize solely at the expense of men. Not a day did not work. And those who worked never took money off the card. Gifts from husbands or roommates are very significant - cars for two and more million rubles, business-class apartments in Moscow, travel around the world, etc. I will make a reservation right away, they are not prostitutes. And not lazy. Just settled well. You even wonder ...

After another trip with Irka on her brand-new "jaguar" I became thoughtful ... Why do some rich and generous men attract to one woman, and to others - not?

After all, outwardly, and those and other ladies - young, educated and very pretty! What's the secret? One of my very wealthy girlfriends answered this question: "I always dreamed of material prosperity. I wanted to get a second higher in MSU and ride a new long big Mercedes. I closed my eyes and presented all this in the smallest details. I knew that I would definitely have what I wanted. I did not know how, but it will. Later met her husband. He made my dreams come true. The main thing is to feel as if you already have it. ”

What women attract rich men?

And I think I understood something ... For my friends, material wealth is really important. Expensive gifts make them truly happy. And wealthy men feel this intuitively. And they spend money on them, positioning themselves as heroes. They know that their generosity will be definitely appreciated and there will be no limit to the enthusiasm.

What is the point of pouring diamonds on a woman who doesn’t really need these diamonds? She is quite happy without them! Or wants to earn everything by herself !?

That is, the more helpless a woman is in the eyes of a man, the stronger a man wants to spend money on her ... But “helpless” does not mean “humiliated” or “pathetic”! I analyzed the character and style of behavior of all "well-arranged" girlfriends and came to the conclusion: they have many things in common.

  • They know how to love themselves. And this love is unshakable. And they love themselves not for something, but just like that. At the same time they are calm and confident. And self-digging, like me, is not involved.
  • They never, even in times of hunger, did not deny themselves "new shoes." Always looked expensive. But in the presence of his man, they never bought anything with their own money! Yes, and psychologists say that you should not pay for expensive purchases with your own money with men. They are supposedly primitive creatures. And on a subconscious level, they understand that if you are able to pamper yourself, then why should they spend money on you.
  • They do not ask directly, but only admire what they see. The man himself "catches up" and buys. The phrase “But Mashka's husband bought a fur coat!” Is humiliating for them. And their husbands know about it. After all, if you reproach your man that he does not give you gifts, but at the same time remain with him, he realizes that you can not give gifts, you can not get along without them either.
  • They accept expensive gifts with joyful delight. Like children. And sincerely thank. A self-esteem of a man jumps up. Everyone is happy.
  • They are not fixated on the house. They have their own interests and hobbies.They are constantly evolving and improving themselves. Remain well maintained and attractive.
  • They think about tomorrow and how not to stay at the broken trough. Set aside for a rainy day.
  • And here's another interesting feature ... Almost all of the "well-established" were brought up in single-parent families, grew up without fathers. And their current men are more like dads than husbands. They are older and do not treat wives as if they were daughters, but with great care.
  • I think the qualities listed above really attract wealthy men. But one thing is secured, and another is generous. Rich copies, which consider every penny, also a dime a dozen. And they need a certain approach. Psychologists believe that the man-miser can not be undone, but if it happened to marry him, you will have to defend your interests. The main thing is to remember: the man-mischief understands only the language of mathematics. He needs to write on a piece of paper how much and what to spend on this month. The list of potential expenses must be argued. This is the only way to build a family budget. And in the greedy there is a big plus: the hunters for money they are too tough.

What women attract rich men?

In general, to attract a wealthy man, you need to throw out the stereotype “I myself!” From my head. You must learn to accept help and not reproach yourself for it.