What to take in the garden?

Anna Sivokon
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What to take in the garden?

What to take a child in kindergarten? Sadik is our childhood. There we meet our first friends, friendship with which is often tied for a lifetime. Many parents sometimes do not know what to take in the garden to the baby. And each mother thinks about what to take in the kindergarten child.

What to take in the garden

From the first day of kindergarten visit, the child will need:

  • walking clothes that fit the weather
  • little bags

One bag with a change of clothes (2 T-shirts, 2 shorts, tights, handkerchiefs, shorts for boys and a skirt for girls) to change clothes for the baby if necessary. The second bag for dirty things, do not forget to put a waterproof package.

  • oilcloth bib to be used during meals (for children in nursery and junior groups)
  • indoor shoes

For the prevention of flatfoot need shoes with a fixed heel, with a velcro. It is better not to use sandals and slippers.

  • do not forget to sign (the child�s last name and the first letter of the name) all the things of the baby, including outerwear and shoes
  • paper napkins, roll paper towels and toilet paper

What else to take the child in kindergarten? Of course, a good mood! If your baby wants to grab his favorite toy, then allow her to take it, but do not forget to explain that other children will also want to play with it. If the child is not ready yet to share his things, then it is better to leave the toy at home.