What to look on the Internet?

It would seem that the Internet is a huge space, which contains an immense amount of the most diverse information. However, sitting in front of the monitor, many people often have a question about what to see on the Internet. Especially for you, we have compiled a selection of the most interesting and entertaining portals in case you suddenly have nothing to do.

Interesting Instagram accounts

A well-known Instagram user, posting photos of which entailed a whole wave of �Follow me� photos in all social networks. The posts, which captured the girl of the author, Murad Osmann, in an unusual perspective against the background of many cities in the world, were incredibly popular this year.

The truly fascinating original pictures directly from the International Space Station are published in their instagram by ISS Flight Engineer Oleg Artemyev. He completely disproves the popular opinion that only useless photos of food, cats, etc., are published on the Internet.

Many yoga teachers have their instagrams in which they publish photos of their daily practices.However, this woman really conquered the Internet with her pictures, which captured her yoga classes with her daughter. It is so sweet and charming sight that it is simply impossible to take your eyes off of it.

Interesting diaries

Dmitry Chernyshov, a popular live journalist, publishes short interesting notes and stories in his diary that can inspire readers to think about the meaning of life or how to call for a leisurely conversation on a given topic. Not very first year a very atmospheric blog is popular with LJ users.

Incredibly popular blog, entries from which can hardly be found daily in Top LJ. This magazine publishes photo reports of the original or, at first glance, most ordinary users of Live Journal about how their ordinary day is going, with brief comments. It sounds boring, isn't it? But what if an American scientist or midwife from New Zealand describes his day? Or is the emergency doctor's working day shown in detail?

Entertaining portals

If you want something, do not know what, try to look for something interesting on the following sites:

  • �- the largest accumulation of videos from around the world. Thanks to him, you will find exactly what to see on the Internet.
  • �- the largest torrent tracker in Russia that allows you to download movies, videos, books, games, etc. for free.
  • �- news site and blog in one bottle, in which they talk about new products and recent advances in information technology, business and the Internet.
  • �- a very non-standard electronic encyclopedia, with which you can take a fresh look at the seemingly familiar objects and phenomena. It mainly concerns the issues of modern culture and the development of the Internet community.