What to give to a friend for the New Year?

The old year is coming to an end, and everyone around has begun to fuss, thinking about what to give to the most beloved and close ones in the New Year. In particular, each woman thought about what to give a friend for the new year. For any woman, a friend is a very close, almost native person with whom she shares the most intimate with whom she shares both joys and misfortunes. Therefore, a gift for a friend should be special, delightful, perfect. So what original and useful can you give a friend for the New Year?

Gifts for the fulfillment of desires

Stay a magician in this New Year's time and fulfill your friend's long-hidden dream - give her a toy helicopter, and tie a grid with a popsicle to her tail. Buy ice cream, right before giving a gift, so as not to melt.

In the same series, a toy truck filled to the top with sweets. To whom but not to you to know, what the girlfriend prefers sweets. There is a small exception: do not give such a gift to a friend on a diet. You can also fill cosmetics basket.Decorative cosmetics, perfume, body cream, face, hands, - every woman wants such a set as a gift. To then for the whole year was enough.

And you can fulfill the most cherished of her dreams. I wanted a car - here's a smaller copy for you, a model. I wanted a house - here's a house for Barbie. I wanted a mouton or mink coat - here are your shoulders for her. I wanted a computer - here's a mouse and a rug. By the way, the mouse can be purchased very original: in the form of a typewriter, pink, with rhinestones, etc. Now the original mouse models can be found even in computer stores, not to mention the online stores.

Sports girlfriend

Lucky for you if your girlfriend is a lover of extreme sports. In this case, she will have to taste the certificate for parachute jumping (a ticket for karting, a visit to the tubing track). But do not leave her alone, learn everything new together.

You are lucky, even if she likes a simple sport. Then buy her a certificate for training in some dances, or just a training disc with dances. Even an hour of playing billiards, or bowling, as a gift, she will take with delight.

Captured moments as a gift

And you can present a pillow, a T-shirt or a mug with a photo as a gift for the new year to your friend. But it is worth choosing the photo where you are together. And then just go to the salon with a flash drive, and order a memorable thing with a photo.

If there are a lot of photos where you are captured in the happiest moments, you can give your friend an electronic photo frame. You insert a flash drive, and admire your favorite photos all day.

You can take a photo of a friend and take it to a photo workshop, where they will make a portrait of some outstanding lady, a photo collage.

Now fancy photo frames are on sale, where you can insert several small, intricate photos at once. Why not use as a gift?

Beauty as a gift

Remember the phrase from the movie? It's time to bring it to life. To do this, go to the nearest beauty salon, and get a certificate for a spa procedure for a friend. Go together and get unforgettable pleasure.

A good gift would be a gold or silver jewelry. Yes, and beautiful jewelry will delight girlfriend. As they say, small spool yes roads.

A good gift would be a ticket or certificate for visiting some master class in drawing, cooking, sculpting, etc.

In other matters, a friend will be delighted with any sincere gift with all my heart.So that please your friends and have fun on New Year's Eve so that there is something to remember for a whole year.