What to give for the wedding year?

Anna Ivanova
Anna Ivanova
December 7, 2012
What to give for the wedding year?

The first wedding anniversary is called calico. This name is symbolic, it shows the insignificant strength of the relationship of the spouses. A chintz is a thin fabric, often in bright colors. Marital life in the first year of living together resembles her, love still resembles bright colors, but relationships are fragile and delicate. What to give for the year of the wedding according to ancient traditions.

  • Usually in a young family for the year already waiting for the firstborn, so it was decided to give a chintz for diapers.
  • The main ritual gift on this day was considered to be a print dress, which was presented to the young wife by her mother-in-law. This gift symbolizes a married couple of the same light and simple relationship.
  • You can donate fabric, not necessarily from chintz, it will lose its appearance after the very first wash. Bedding sets, tablecloths, napkins, curtains and towels are an excellent option.
  • Since the family is still young, they may not have had time to acquire all the necessary kitchen utensils or household appliances. You have a great opportunity to help them with this.
  • Perfect creative gift. Choose a set for embroidery or a book for needlework.
  • Make a gift with your own hands - a picture or portrait of a young married couple.
  • Give a gift for chintz anniversary clothes. It is better that it was made of light fabrics and monochromatic colors. The easiest way to pick up t-shirts and scarves. If you are afraid not to guess the size, present a gift certificate to one of the stores.
  • If you know exactly what the spouses would like, but this does not fit the theme of the wedding, just pack the gift in a chintz. Inside the package can be anything.

For 1 year of the wedding that you should not give

  • forks and knives - bad luck. This can lead to quarrels and discord in the family;
  • clock;
  • cutlery;
  • sharp objects;
  • roses with thorns, especially red.

The family was only one year old, like a small child, she is still not firmly on her feet. Perhaps ahead of her waiting for some difficulties and hardships, but where love lives, no difficulties are terrible.