What to do with my wife?

Family life is great! But agree that, over time, this routine is simply jammed. You start living "standard." All the attention of children, household chores, and a loved one, just can "fall out" of the head. But you must not let this happen, do not lose the romance in your relationship. There are many different ways to spend your leisure time with your wife. Finding something to do with your wife in your free time is not a problem. To do this, you just need to show your imagination and not be afraid to tell the second half about your desires.

The very first thing that comes to mind is romantic lovemaking. Husband and wife make love rarely when children appear, as they take a lot of power from their parents.

Options for doing evening with my wife

  1. You can visit entertainment places together, play bowling, billiards, air hockey, well, in extreme cases - a sport bar. Of these options, bowling is the most interesting, as you can go company. There is communication and gambling.
  2. For romantics, a great option is just to walk around the city, in the park.In the summer, you can find a high-rise building, where there is an open passage to the roof, and just admire the night city and the starry sky.
  3. Alternatively, you can consider going to the club. Laugh, dance and just walk away for a while from the gray days.
  4. Find a common hobby. What it will be is not important, reading, boxing, collecting. The main thing is that it brings you pleasure, and it would be at least something to entertain yourself in the evenings.
  5. One of the best options is to meet friends. You can meet common friends, talk about life, play board games, or just go somewhere.
  6. You can try to do sports together, go to the gym. It also happens that the wife does not want to go in for sports, since in a day she can get very tired while doing household chores.

If you are very family people, and it is necessary to spend the evening interestingly, then you can also think up without any problems what to do at home with your wife. You can cook together an unusual dinner. You can download an interesting film - comedies, family films, new items or remember childhood and watch a cartoon. As an option, for those who like to spend quiet evenings, you can just read, search for interesting information on the Internet. You can look at the sites funny videos to lift the mood.

If there is a match on TV, and your wife also enjoys sports, then for a change, you can bet on your favorite team. Your vacation is up to you. How seriously you take the plan for your evening rest is how you will spend it.

Try to amaze each other. Do not let the routine "swallow" your feelings. If you already have kids, you can send them to grandparents once a month so that you have the opportunity to be alone and at least for the evening, and forget about your obligations. Learn not to “cool off” each other throughout your family life, and then you will be the happiest.