What to crochet beginner?

Yana Merichenko
Yana Merichenko
December 19, 2014
What to crochet beginner?

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What to crochet beginner?

When the basic principles of crochet have been mastered, the rules for making loops and posts have been studied, the time has come to improve our skills. Only practice will help to learn how to create quality products.

The simplest thing to crochet a beginner is a scarf. It is not difficult to execute it, but at the same time there is a large selection of patterns. Working on a scarf, you can enjoy the process of crocheting and replenish your wardrobe with a new beautiful thing.

How to tie a lace scarf?

To knit a cute openwork scarf that will decorate any outfit, you must choose a thin white yarn and purchase a suitable hook. First, we collect 60 air loops and make three more loops for lifting. Next, knit as follows:

  • 1 row: four Art. double crochet loops, six Art. with a crochet.
  • scarf2 row: three things. to lift loop, three art. double crochet n., art.double crochet n., four art. with a crochet.
  • 3 row: three things. lifting hinges loop st. double crochet loops, three art. double crochet hinges, art. double crochet hinges, art. with a crochet.
  • 4 row: three lifting loops, five wag. loops, five art. double crochet hinges, art. with a crochet.
  • 5 row: knit as 3 row.
  • 6 row: knit as 2 row.
  • 7 row: knit as 1 row.

This pattern should be knit to the desired length. Then we tie the side edges of the scarf with double crochets. At the ends you can make a fringe.