What to catch at sea?

Ildar Yunusov
Ildar Yunusov
November 4, 2014
What to catch at sea?

Fishing on the sea is notable for its unpredictability. In the thickness of the sea water inhabited by fish of various breeds, so you can never predict what kind of prey you can boast of by returning from fishing. Much depends on what you catch on the sea, since certain fish species only react to a special type of bait.

How to fish on the sea?

For fishing on the sea the most characteristic bait fish meat and crustaceans. The most popular breeds of fish are horse mackerel, cod and mackerel, and other sea creatures peck on the bait for these fish. Features of catching fish of various breeds are described in the articles of the section Fishing.

What to catch scad?

Monster is a predatory fish, so it bites well on fish meat. Virtually any fish meat is suitable for mackerel: pieces of herring, gutted mussels, shrimps. Scad also pecks off the worm pretty well.

What to catch cod?

Cod bites well on mussels and shells. However, the most common bait for catching cod is a sandbite worm.It should be borne in mind that the sandworms live not for long, therefore for each fishing it is advisable to recruit new worms. In addition to peskozhilov for cod fishing suitable sea worms nereisy. The advantage of this bait is that such worms can be easily caught near the surface of the water.

What to catch mackerel?

Mackerel is one of the most valuable marine fish. Mackerel, as a rule, does not bite into pieces of meat, unlike many other species of fish, but worms and crustaceans are well suited for catching mackerel. For fishing mackerel will be more effective sea fishing from the shore. Mackerel is a schooling fish, so the fisherman needs to take care of the place where the shoal can be found.

Fishing in the sea is very interesting and is very popular among fishermen.