What does the soul see?

People live on earth for a very long time. We study the world around us, explore the cosmos. But we still do not know what happens to us after death. Even those who consider themselves to be atheists really want to believe that death is not the end. However, there is an invisible and unfamiliar life of the soul. Although the soul is only a religious concept that has brought into our lives the hope that it is immortal.

What does the soul see at the moment of death? This question is asked by many. There are many researchers who have tried to put together the stories and impressions of people who were able to return to the real world after experiencing clinical death. Often, these stories differ, but they have much in common.

First impressions

Usually, at the time of death, the person feels either a pull down to the ground, or a black void. This condition is short-lived and uncomfortable. Then, the soul is separated from the body, and almost immediately it becomes good. People say that they saw themselves, their bodies, either from above or from the side. Almost no one feels connected with this shell, but perceives it as someone else’s and feels only indifference.But all feelings are incredibly exacerbated. A person who was blind sees, hearing becomes sharper too. How does the soul see, if it has no eyes and other human organs? Witnesses cannot answer this question, because they sense a huge influx of incredible feelings, and the meaning of sight fades into the background.

Some say that in this spiritual space the soul can move in some miraculous way. First, a person, more precisely, the soul is in a room, the next moment it is already several kilometers away. And this is not a flight, not a movement. It looks like switching television channels - here you are, and no longer here. Moreover, sometimes evidence suggests that the soul can be in two, three places in parallel.

Incredible beauty

How much is this other world different from our usual one? Does the soul see there any unusual things? Many of those who died are said to have seen beautiful pictures of the world, hills and nature. And some only saw the real, existing world. They flew through the wall to the street, saw the falling snow, the sunset. This is probably due to the fact that the first ones passed a certain stage and got from our reality into the new spiritual world. The second, did not have time to take another step on the path to the unknown.

Some of the evidence describes the Upper Light that spoke to them. Almost everyone felt boundless love and felt shame and remorse for acts that they committed in life. This light helped wake the conscience, which is often deeply hidden in each of us. What does the soul see when communicating with the light? It is known that at this moment a person looks at events from his life from the outside, and can adequately evaluate his not always plausible actions.

Often, the light asks if the soul wants to stay here, or wants to return to the body. There are cases when an eyewitness claims that he returned to the earth at will. But there are also stories that the soul did not want to unite with the body, but it was returned, because its time had not yet come.

Some argue that they met with those who died, but always a close person. There is an opinion that these souls who have long ago left the world help a newcomer to settle in a new space, and sometimes they report that it is time to return.

All these stories strongly motivate us to gain faith and not to strive to “burn through” life. We must understand that all bad deeds will not pass without a trace.Every step we take is visible from above and most likely we will have to answer to someone higher for hypocrisy and dishonest acts.