What kind of mail is there?

When choosing a mailbox, a new user puzzles his head over the name of the future e-mail, carefully going through the account and password options, but does not attach any importance to the choice of service. However, sometimes attempts to pay attention to what emails are, are present, and their goal is to find a sonorous or easily remembered domain name. But we should focus on completely different advantages of mail: how stable is the work of the service, the quality of customer support, methods of dealing with spam, etc.


Domain addresses more than 300 species. In this list you can find the name of the country, and even the city. Many addresses indicate attitudes towards the profession, religion and just fun, for example, "humanoid.net". The mailbox has a capacity of 3 GB and a filter system that allows you to make settings to combat spam. But, the inability to work in Russian makes this resource unattractive.

Yahoo Mail

It is difficult to find a concise name, especially since the resource does not immediately check for uniqueness. Although it is envisaged to use the Russian language,translating the names of some tools baffles even the linguist. Unlimited mailbox and address book.

Rambler mail

The initial size of the mailbox - 50MB is enough, if you do not keep an active correspondence. Further, it is possible to increase daily by 50 MB. The maximum size of the shipment is 25 MB. It is convenient to have a virtual Russian-language keyboard.

Google gmail

Sufficient (1GB) mailbox and mailing (20Mb). Of those, which mail is, has the most strict spam control. The service is able to block a user account if it suspects a newsletter or other "inappropriate" use of the resource. The fight against spam, in general, is conducted at a level, but innocuous emails are sometimes filtered out. And even if the addressee is marked as trusted, it’s not a fact that the system will miss his letter tomorrow without delay.


Has nothing to do with Google. Designed to organize free mail for domain name owners with a site attendance of at least 500 visitors a day. But it does not always respond to the request to register a new user in an existing domain.


A cousin of Google Gmail. The same hard spam control.Nearly 8GB of space for correspondence. The ability to access from a mobile phone. The only difference is a different domain name.


The ascetic interface and download speeds leave a good initial impression. But any attempts (after registration) to send a letter to another domain-address are unsuccessful. Attempts to do the opposite, too, failed.

The fight against spam and spammers is well organized. Letters are checked by antivirus. The volume of the box - 10GB, can be increased. Using the service "files @ Mail. Ru", you can send up to 20 files with a capacity of up to 20 GB at a time. A lot of attachments can be downloaded in one archive. Ample opportunities for text formatting and an additional possibility of storing materials in a password-protected hidden folder. The most popular of all what kind of mail is in the Russian market.

Having chosen the service that best meets your requirements, proceed to registration.