What is wisdom?

By the word wisdom, we often mean deep knowledge of the world, which can be obtained only after reaching old age. And yet, this is not entirely true: wisdom can be characteristic not only of aged men who have been whitened with gray hair. This word has some pretty close, but different meanings.

The definition of "wisdom"

To understand what wisdom is, one should study this concept comprehensively, realizing what it means not only from the point of view of etymology, but also philosophy, psychology, religion.

  1. In the explanatory dictionary, we read that wisdom is one of the properties of the human mind, which is characterized by the ability to apply in-depth knowledge, taking into account the specific situation, to find ways to solve problems, relying on someone else's and your (life and subconscious) experience.
  2. Wisdom in philosophy is a property of the human intellect, a kind of measure of the degree of knowledge of the surrounding world. Here, wisdom is usually seen in the context of seeking to deepen this knowledge.No wonder the very word "philosophy" literally means "love of wisdom."
  3. Wisdom in the religious sense is the highest degree of knowledge of the world, which only gods have in perfection, and people are able to comprehend it only to one degree or another. In Christianity, there is the concept of "wisdom", meaning absolute wisdom.
  4. From the point of view of psychology, wisdom is not a state, but a process that is characterized by relativity and uncertainty. That is, a wise man is one who understands well that life is unpredictable and the development of the situation depends on many circumstances and takes this into account when making a decision.

Wisdom and foresight

Modern psychologists, reflecting on what wisdom is, have come to the conclusion that wisdom is not possible without the gift of foresight. Of course, this is not about extrasensory clairvoyance. The gift of foresight inherent in wisdom suggests that a person can:

  • understand and be aware of the significance of events that others do not usually notice
  • trust your intuition
  • be able to find out exactly the reasons for your inner alarm
  • be able to determine the moment when it is necessary to perform the actions necessary for a favorable exit from the situation

From this we can conclude that wisdom is not inherent only in old age.If a young person can find the right solution to life's problems, is able to analyze the situation, properly assess the obstacles that stand in the way of the solution - it can be called wise.

What is popular wisdom

Knowing the meaning of the word "wisdom", it is much easier for us to understand what popular wisdom is. Popular wisdom is a joint experience that mankind has accumulated over many years. Different nations on our planet have their own mentality, their own rules of communication and cultural values. All people together accumulated life experience embodies proverbs and sayings. These folk aphorisms often suggest how to behave in any situation, they are time-tested and include the history of the development of the people.

Now you know what wisdom is. Improve your knowledge, learn to analyze what is happening, trust your intuition and become wise!