What is dangerous orthorexia for our body?

Proper nutrition is a guarantee of health. This postulate is known to all. But not many people know that a healthy diet can become dangerous for the body if it turns into a real mania. Recently, along with discussions of anorexia and bulimia, there has been talk of a previously unknown ailment called "ortorexia."

It would seem that there can be bad health food, because we are universally demonstrated that people who adhere to such a food system look great and feel great? But when an ordinary lunch or dinner is transformed from pleasant rituals into a goal, a person throws all his strength at achieving it. And this is fraught with unpleasant consequences, both for the digestive and for the nervous system.

Useful enemy

What is Otrorexia? This is a medical term that defines an excessive, sometimes even maniacal hobby for a healthy eating system. That is, people suffering from this disease have serious problems related to eating behavior.

They clearly monitor how much they eat. And the list of allowed products has strict limitations. In order for something new to get into it, it must meet many predetermined characteristics, which are carefully checked by orthorexics.

Such behavior was typical for representatives of Eastern religions. After all, they considered food to be an important part of their future state, leading to enlightenment. Therefore, ordinary food should be exclusively the one that would bring the greatest benefit. But soon the harmless principles began to be perceived by people too literally, gradually developing into a real obsession.

How to learn ortoreksika?

Since this disease is psychological in nature, outwardly people who are manic following the chosen food system are no different from an ordinary person. But only until you sit with them at the table. Here the symptoms of the disorder will definitely be felt.

  1. Orthorexics clearly know how many calories are in each product, and before you eat something, carefully consider them, after weighing the possibility of consumption.
  2. They are too keen on diets and various fashionable trends that are included in the concept of healthy eating (such as raw foods).
  3. Fear of "harmful" products can reach a point after which a nervous breakdown can occur. Often, such fears turn into real phobias.
  4. For those obsessed with such food, there is a whole system of punishments for non-compliance with the principles and the use of a prohibited product.
  5. Having seen a clear menu for the week, which is meticulously compiled taking into account the quality characteristics of the products, you can be sure that you have ortorex.
  6. In addition, supporters of the health food system clearly divide people into their own and not their own.

Danger of illness for the body

Many puzzled shrug their shoulders, why, they say, clung to them, let them eat what they want. Of course, everyone is free to choose a food system that he likes. But the excessive passion for healthy food can cause real harm to health. Because it is worth knowing what it is really dangerous.

Often, ortereksiki get information about the benefits of certain products from unverified sources, so you cannot be sure that they will bring real benefits.The exclusion of many foods from the diet often also leads to a general depletion, and sometimes to disruptions, which can later turn into another disease - bulimia. And this will further exacerbate the psychological disorder, which will be very difficult to cope with.

Another problem of orthorexics is narrowing of the social circle and frequent social blockade, when people stop finding a common language with others and even relatives. Many of them have a diagnosis of "psychosis", because every day orthorexics are carefully looking for reasons to deny themselves the use of their favorite dishes.

Irreversible processes also affect the digestive system, which ceases to function normally. And due to the use of a narrow range of products, serious pathologies arise.

Getting rid of the addiction

There are many reasons why yesterday normal people start manicking over food, but they are the most susceptible to this:

  • women following fashion and trying to match the accepted ideal parameters;
  • successful people, fixated on universal correctness, considering the system of proper nutrition as an element of a successful life;
  • perfectionists who devote their whole lives to the pursuit of the ideal in all spheres.

Treatment for such a psychological disorder at an early stage is also possible on its own through self-control. You just need to switch attention from thoughts about the dangers or benefits of food and do not refuse to meet with friends at a cafe to indulge yourself with delicious food.

If you feel that you cannot cope with your own efforts, you should contact a nutritionist who will help you choose the right, sparing diet. More serious cases of orthorexia require treatment from a psychologist, and often from a psychotherapist, who not only advises how to get rid of mania, but also selects the correct medical therapy.

Disposing the body of toxins through diet can actually be beneficial, but you should not turn it into an obsession, which can have irreversible consequences.

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