What is the best way to wear fashionable gladiators?

As you know, a lot of shoes does not happen. And so if you still do not have sandals “gladiators”, be sure to purchase them. But first, find out whether they will go to you, as well as how and with what to wear them correctly?

What it is?

To understand what "gladiators" are, watch at least one film about these brave warriors. In general, today "gladiators" are considered to be almost any sandals with straps that clasp their legs.

Will they suit you?

Who will the gladiators go to? Slender girls with smooth and beautiful legs. Such footwear will emphasize beauty and will make an image more interesting.

Who should not buy such sandals?

  • Firstly, girls with appetizing forms, especially with voluminous caviar. The straps can stick into the legs, and it looks not very nice. In addition, the "gladiators" draw attention to the legs, which is undesirable if they are full.
  • Secondly, you should not wear such shoes to owners of an impressive foot size (more than 40), since the feet will seem even longer.
  • Third, girls with short legs will have to give up “gladiators”, since the horizontal lines created by the straps will visually shorten them. Also, these sandals are not suitable for those whose legs are not perfectly smooth.

How to choose?

What should I look for when choosing a "gladiator"?

  • Height. Very high sandals (almost to the knees) look bright and original, so they are more suitable for parties. "Gladiators" of medium height (to the middle of the calf) can shorten the legs. Low sandals that go a little beyond the ankle are a more discreet, simple and casual option.
  • Colour. Black "gladiators" look bright and sometimes even rude, so that they will not suit modest girls and those who want to create a gentle image. A universal option are sandals solid or beige. They look more restrained and elegant, not striking and do not emphasize the shortcomings. Bright tones are also welcome this season. But metallic shades are especially relevant.
  • Sole. "Gladiators" on a flat sole suitable for everyday wear, wedge sandals will help create a more feminine image.But the models in heels are few and often look very vulgar, so it’s worth being neater with them.
  • Details. Particular attention should be paid to the straps. They can be classic leather, textile or made in the form of laces. Leather straps look bright and stylish. Textiles are suitable for romantic natures. And the laces will add some zest to the image. By the way, on the photo from fashion shows there are often models with a fringe, emphasizing individuality.

What to combine?

What can gladiators wear? Immediately it is worth noting that they will fit into such styles as ethnic, romantic, hippie, casual, and also boho.

Some fresh ideas:

  • Dress. With the "gladiators" are ideally combined short dresses. As for the style, then you should pay attention to the A-silhouette, it will have to be very helpful and emphasize femininity. You can also choose a dress with a flared hem in a romantic style. Fit and models with a high waist. In addition, you can wear a dress shirt.
  • Such fashionable summer shoes will be in harmony with shorts. It can be both youth denim shorts, and more feminine fabric, for example, cotton.
  • Feel free to wear "gladiators" with skirts, but not with any. You can choose a short flared, but not too lush skirt or A-silhouette model, which, by the way, is very relevant.
  • You can wear a shirt with a skirt or shorts. And it is desirable to fill it, otherwise the upper part of the silhouette will visually stretch, and the lower one will seem short, which is unacceptable if you put on “gladiators”.
  • The best everyday option is a simple T-shirt or T-shirt. Moreover, it is desirable to choose not fitting models, but free ones.
  • Volumetric tunic in the style of boho. This tandem will look very impressive. But under the tunic should not wear pants or leggings, and a short skirt or shorts.


“Gladiators” are ideally combined with bags-bags and small handbags over the shoulder, unusual pendants or necklaces, large plastic or metal bracelets and earrings decorated with stones. In the summer you can wear a hat, but not too complicated style.

What not to wear?

"Gladiators" absolutely do not fit with the business style, so you should not wear them with classic trousers, suits and skirts. In addition, these shoes do not fit into the styles of safari and military.Also, do not wear sandals with classic and long dresses and skirts, pencil skirts, cropped trousers, jeans, breeches, as well as any things that cover the knees.

Helpful Tips

A few recommendations:

  • The knees should be open, otherwise the legs may appear to be excessively short.
  • If you are wearing gladiators (especially bright and decorated), then if possible, choose the most simple clothes, as in this case the shoes will accent the image.
  • Do not overdo it with accessories, two will be enough. Otherwise, the image will be overloaded.
  • It is advisable to wear such shoes with monophonic clothing or with things decorated with ethnic or geometric prints.
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