What is personality

By definition, psychology, the term "individuality" is associated with a person and includes a variety of reactions, thoughts, feelings, will, moods, aspirations, experiences, interests, needs, habits, actions, motives and other characteristics characteristic of an individual. According to this definition, each person is, in fact, an individuality, for two people cannot be absolutely identical to the above set of qualities.
On the other hand, perhaps, many may note that people who gather in groups on any basis are similar to each other. Sometimes you can hear the phrases that all the hippies are the same, there is nothing to talk about with housewives, men over forty are boring. It would seem, where is the individuality, because the interests and aspirations of such people are similar, and in appearance there is a common.
The reason is that often people use the word “individuality” to understand not just a set of interests, motives and needs, but a set of unusual interests, strange motives and atypical needs.And the more unusual a person is, the brighter the personality will be called.
Of course, individuality does not form overnight, and, having worked on yourself a day, you will not become an interesting personality. Individuality is shaped by experience. You yourself would be surprised if you analyzed where you came from this or that habit, a characteristic gesture, a favorite exclamation. Usually, people unconsciously copy the words and gestures of those people who were important to them in a certain period of life. Thus, it may turn out that individuality is not at all personal qualities, but the interests and habits of other people gathered piece by piece.
If it seems to you that your new acquaintance is not a bright personality and is not interesting at all, think, maybe he is just afraid to show it in front of you? Be kind and tolerant, sincerely be interested in the affairs of your friends, and they will repay you - they will reveal their individuality in all its glory.