What is peck?

Vera Melnikova
Vera Melnikova
December 25, 2014
What is peck?

There are many so-called homonyms in Russian - words that are written and pronounced the same, but have completely different meanings and spheres of usage.

One of the words - homonyms is the word "peck". What is peck? What are its meanings?

The meaning of the word "peck"

In the first meaning is a technical term. Peck - translated from English, “pek” is a black substance that is extracted from tar and tar - wood, peat and coal. The consistency of it is thick. Scope of pitch in industry, especially the chemical, is very wide.

  • Typically, pitch is used in the manufacture of asphalt. It is very convenient to one of its properties - it dries quickly, which is important when laying asphalt. For example: "In the manufacture of asphalt used pitch."
  • Peck is also used to make black varnishes. For example: "Peck is part of the black lacquer manufactured by this company."
  • Peck is part of the plasticizers, which, in turn, are components of various roofing materials, as well as mastics.
  • Peck is used as a residual component in the impregnation of cardboard.For example: "The pulp mill received a batch of prepared resins, which include pitch."
  • Peck is a component of enamels that serve for anti-corrosion use. For example: "Enamels with the addition of pitch have high anti-corrosion properties."

In the second meaning, peck is a person photographing himself. For example: "He was a pitch, he even put up his portraits for sale."