What is my stone?

About the beneficial properties of stones and minerals, people learned in ancient times. They began to use them for their own benefit and it worked. You can also make a stone serve you well. But there is one nuance - you must actively interact with it. So, what's my stone? - you ask, astrologers will answer this question, claiming that stones significantly affect human life with their magical and healing properties.


Your stone is amethyst. This type of quartz, in translation means "not drunk." Amethyst has a purple color and protects against the evil eye, intoxication and poisoning. This mineral makes it possible to realize the true nature of their desires and give up harmful habits. He opposes the negative influences of various kinds. Strengthens immunity and increases life potential.

Amethyst takes away sadness and pain from a person. He interacts best with Aries. Parapsychologists appreciate this quartz for its magical ability to awaken the gift of psychic. Love quartz multiplies, he gives her depth and supports her strength.


How to choose a stone Taurus? Agate is perfect for him. This quartz is painted in different colors. It improves energy, gives a person strength and courage, strengthens the immune system and fights viruses. If you love to win, then you need black agate, love harmony - blue, need help in love affairs - red.


Beryls - these are your assistants, able to increase your vital energy, relieve you from back pains, runny nose and colds. Beryl treats gynecological diseases, and even infertility. Pink beryl can cope with heart disease and neurosis. Red - stimulates the circulatory system.


Your stone is an emerald, which is the personification of fertility and life. It eliminates epileptic seizures and other ailments by splitting from it. If you examine the emerald very closely, you will feel a surge of strength, get rid of psoriasis, lower the elevated temperature and bring the pressure back to normal. Love will come to you, and the negative effects will not be terrible.

a lion

To Lev's question: And which stone suits me best? - with accuracy you can answer - ruby.The rich color of this stone represents passion, strength and desire. In the owner of a ruby, the strongest feelings wake up, even if once they have hopelessly cooled. The lion will become more industrious and more purposeful and will be able to conquer any peaks.


Jasper is a rock that serves Virgos as a wonderful amulet. Mineral maintains beauty, increases the reserve of forces, keeps the body in good shape and relieves the wearer from fatigue. The person who wears such a talisman will be in a calm state, in harmony with himself. Fears and complexes will recede from him, he will no longer feel guilty and will look at the world soberly.


A charming diamond stone interacts with the sign of Libra. In the old days they believed that a person wearing a diamond would avoid injuries on the battlefield, and even death would not be terrible to him. The cold brilliance of the stone frees Libra from unnecessary emotions, cleans the brain, gives severity and helps to become more resolute. The diamond also helps during difficult labor.


Opal will save Scorpio from nervous diseases, insomnia, depression, protect the body from colds and infections. The stone perfectly absorbs all the negative emotions of its owner, but it requires regular cleaning.


Turquoise will multiply all the Streltsov savings, make them more beautiful and bolder. The saddles were decorated with this mineral and they believed that a horse with it would not break its leg. And when the stone grew dim, in the time of Ivan the Terrible they believed that death was nearing the master.


Onyx, the stone of Capricorn, harmonizes masculine and feminine in its owner. Men become more independent and responsible, and women - more gentle and feminine. A weak girl can draw energy to fight against the vicissitudes of life. A despot who does not know how to feel will feel an affection unknown to him and a surge of tenderness. Onyx will temper temper and incontinence.


Sapphire is the personification of repentance, conscience and spiritual purity. He guards sailors in long voyages, and allows spies to read people's minds. Aquarians will be able to choose the right path through life, make a responsible decision, increase their self-esteem and stop doubting.


Chrysolite will give Pisces the opportunity to know the highest wisdom. The owner of the stone will be able to contact with the other world. Holding chrysolite often in your hand, you will understand your desires and aspirations.The outlook will expand, and life will become more interesting and richer. Chrysolite opens up shocking opportunities, so you need to be careful with it. Now you know what stones are in the signs of the zodiac, and you can choose your personal amulet from all misfortunes!