What is legalization?

May 16, 2015
What is legalization?

There are many words whose meaning people do not understand, even using them in their speech.

Consider what legalization is. If you translate this word from Latin, it means legality.

What does legalization mean?

Today, under the legalization of understand:

  • permission to carry out any activity, the abolition of the existing ban;
  • confirmation of the authenticity of the signature on the document.

Legalization of documents should be done in cases where they need to be submitted to the official bodies of another country. That is, if the document is issued in Russia, it is valid only in its territory. In order for it to be valid in another state, it must be legalized.

There is also such a thing as legalization of property. It is a procedure whereby the state recognizes the right to property. For example, it must be withdrawn from circulation or it must be executed on the basis of state law. This will not give the opportunity to hide income.

Now you know what legalization is.