What is good about the iPhone?

The phone market has recently added an amazing new product - the iPhone mobile masterpiece. Receiving such a miracle of technology into the hands, not everyone just has to independently figure out one or another chip, and therefore, it would not hurt, more specifically, to note what the iPhone is good for. It was released by the unsurpassed leader in the industry of new products and technologies - by Apple. The filling that deserves attention is the Android, Windows Phone, iOS systems. Such technical subtleties are unlikely to be useful to a normal user, it’s better to pay attention to the possibilities, which the iPhone has quite a lot.

High quality iPhone

The first thing that catches your eye when meeting with an iphone is the screen. The screen resolution is 960 * 640. For a better idea, we can say that the resolution is so high that it is not possible to see individual pixels at all at a distance of 20-30cm. The touch screen is incredibly sensitive to the touch of your fingers. It responds to the slightest user request. The touch screen allows you to give the most clear and accurate instructions, especially convenient and easy for the user and the interface. Even for those who have never used touch phones before, it’s easy to understand the menu and functions.Everything is so clear that the child will be able to cope with the work without problems. The developer - Apple has approached this issue with all responsibility. The screen is updated in one second up to 60 times. Thus, the pictures are not blurred, the animations are accurate, clear and pleasing to the eye.

Iphone advantage

What good is the iPhone yet, which allows it to so firmly conquer the mobile technology market? Of course, it is worth paying attention to the quality and quantity of all kinds of applications. For him, everything is released only the best, unstable games and all sorts of pirated applications for it does not exist. All that is released and made available to the user is strictly monitored and verified. Every day hundreds of new offers are issued, in the form of digests, everyone can find something new and exciting. Fans of toys can be calm, now for them practically nothing is impossible. All the new items that are released, iPhone will pull without problems. The AppStore control is so high-quality that absolutely all games will go equally well, while the iOS is incredibly accurate for the gadget.

The iPhone is not only the most beautiful, but also the smartest phone. Its new versions are always fashionable and stylish, each time it seems that it is almost impossible to come up with something new. But Apple never stops at what has been achieved, and the new versions are getting better and better. As for the "mind", then there should be turned to such an amazing opportunity as Siri. This is the work of the device on the user's voice, he clearly and accurately performs the data in this way commands. However, for Russian users, the problem so far is that the iphone only understands English, although this gives a certain incentive to learn the language.

There are a few more points that allow you to understand how good the iPhone is. This is, of course, the amount of internal memory. Now there is no need to buy additional memory cards and puzzled to pull their phone or not. For iphone provided as much as 8Gb of internal memory. In the future, of course, models with 16 and 32 Gb are not excluded, but the available 8, this is already quite a lot. If you translate the figure into the number of music, photos and videos, then with such a memory in the phone you can fit about 1000 songs, 500 photos, excellent quality and about 30 video clips.In addition, there will be a place for more pieces of 100 very different applications. In general, such an amount is quite enough even for the most avid music lover.

Apple, among other things, worried about protecting its own product from counterfeit versions. For this, a real original packaging was invented, it itself is different from the others, it looks quite stylish and interesting. However, in order to further protect the product, it is packed in plastic wrap. Thus, having received the phone in such a package, the client can be sure that his phone is completely new and no one has used it before. Among other things, for the iphone was released an incredible amount of a variety of accessories and add-ons. Different in color and design covers, headphones, docking stations and other trivia complement the phone favorably and give it even greater originality, and also reflect the personality of the owner. What is good iphone? The fact that the IPhone is always worthy and fashionable!