What is design?

The term "design" is found today everywhere, as it relates to a huge number of very different activities. Read more about what design is, what are its objects, types.

Design: essence, object

In a literal translation from English, the term stands for “plan”, “drawing”. According to one of the definitions presented in the dictionary, design is the artistic construction of something (depending on the object of work) that exists on a par with architecture and engineering planning. You can also say that design is at the same time a creative method, the process of work itself, and its result.

The object of design is a certain environment or thing, an idea on which this activity is focused for the purpose of analysis, study and transformation. It has the following characteristics:

  • Form. This is a perfect representation of the designer about the object, his thoughts, plans for him.
  • Function. These are the tasks that are assigned to the design object. A good design, made by a professional specialist, necessarily takes into account this component, working not only with the external, aesthetic side of the matter, but also with its practical purpose.The object transformed as a result of creative thought must retain the ability to perform its functions at the necessary level. Technical design should take care of this. In particular, if we are talking about, for example, interior design, the technical side of the matter will make the design of the room not only beautiful, but also logically verified, comfortable for living.
  • Morphology. This is the structure of the object corresponding to its functions.
  • Technological form. This is the morphology embodied in the object's production method. In this case, this method meets the design idea.
  • Aesthetic value. The value of an object determined by a person based on a comparison of the appearance of the object with an existing aesthetic ideal, that is, a sample (or samples).

The essence of the design is to rework the appearance and, if necessary, the individual elements of the structure of the object, to obtain its improved version.

As for the objects of this creative activity, they can be very diverse. Depending on this, there are several types of design.

Design variations

Industrial Design

It includes a large group consisting of vehicles and household goods, accessories and clothing, footwear, tools and mechanisms, equipment and so on. This design has been around for dozens and even hundreds of years.

Web design

Engaged in the design of Internet pages. It includes both the development of features for navigating resources and their structure, and the work to create an interesting look and feel for websites. Quite a new direction. Its popularity and demand is constantly growing, as the role of the Internet is increasing in the daily life of a person, as well as in trade and money relations between producers and buyers of goods and services. Today, each company offering something on the market, as well as any information resource, considers it necessary to have an attractive, rating site.

Process design

This is the development of corporate identity, which includes the design of the site and branded printing products (for example, business cards, letterheads), documentation, logo creation and so on. In addition, this may include the design of various events, ceremonies, which will include a whole range of objects of work.

Environment design

This includes the design of interiors and landscapes, light design and coloristics, architectural design and design of the urban environment, super graphics and so on. At the moment it is one of the most common types of design. This design is interested in people seeking to make their home attractive and comfortable.

Graphic design

The directions of his work are outdoor and print advertising, trademarks, printing, corporate identity.