What is a slogan?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
December 25, 2014
What is a slogan?

Many concepts came to our speech from other languages ​​and their definitions are not entirely clear. For example, what is a slogan? It can be replaced by Russian words - slogan, motto, appeal. This is a small laconic phrase, reflecting the basic idea of ​​a brand or company.

What does an effective slogan mean?

A good slogan is an important component of an advertising company aimed at increasing sales (product) or drawing attention to the brand (image). Creative advertising slogans become aphorisms, attracting millions of consumers. In order for a slogan to become a bait, which the consumer will necessarily understand, it must meet several requirements:

  • to be bright and memorable, to be deposited in the mind of a potential client at first glance, for example, “Fanta - Join!”;
  • contain the name of the brand in order to better be remembered by the buyer, for example, “Who is following Klinsky?”;
  • contain an appeal to customers so that they feel the attention and care of the advertiser, for example, “Pay 10%. Take all! ”;
  • to be understandable to a wide audience, to contain phrases from everyday life, for example, “Twix is ​​a sweet couple”.

Slogan creation mechanism

  1. Set the task: for the image slogan to highlight the main activities of the company, for the product - the advantages of the product.
  2. Build the foundation of the slogan, if possible including in it the name of the company or brand.
  3. Check the phrase for the presence of doubles and associations.
  4. To beat the phrase, giving it a zest.