What is a computer?

Vladimir Kulinich
Vladimir Kulinich
March 18, 2013
What is a computer?

Many have heard such a term as "computer". That is a computer, our article will tell.

A computer is an electronic computer in which electronic devices play the role of functional elements. Nowadays, this abbreviation is used, as a rule, in legal documents.

It is considered that the first electronic computer was invented in early 1943. It was the first computer in the world that worked on vacuum tubes.

The first, so-called, mini-computers were created long after the moment when such devices began to be manufactured with an elementary transistor base at the base. The number 2 generation of electronic computers includes the equipment for which its own special controllers have been created for the functional parts.

The third generation of computers was created using special integrated circuits. This method of creating electronic computers made it possible to make them much smaller and, at the same time, reduce the cost of their production.

Modern computers are bright representatives of electronic computers of the so-called fourth generation. To create a modern computer using the architecture of the IBM PC, which consists of 3 main functional parts:

  • Logical device and control device (i.e., central processor).
  • Devices for input-output data (keyboard, mouse, monitor and others).
  • A device for storing data (that is, a hard disk).

Now you know what a computer is!