What is a circle?

Irina Gromyak
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What is a circle?

Are there really many objects around us that look like geometric shapes? Yes it's true! In particular, many of them are circular. For example, the circus arena, the bottom of the pan, we can easily cut it out of cloth or cardboard.

Consider what a circle is.

A shape that is bounded by a circle. It has a center, so all points that are located from the center to the circle are the plane of the circle. The radius of a circle is the distance from its center to the circle.

Many do not distinguish what a circle and a circle. The circumference will work out if we circle the glass, and we can also lay it out of the thread. All points of a plane that are placed at the same distance from a given point form a shape, which is called a circle. If we connect two points of a circle, then we get a segment, which is called a chord. If the chord passes through the center of a circle, then we will call it a diameter that equals two radii. A circle can be divided into sectors using two radii.And the circle divides the segments into a circle.

Take a look! And you will see around you a circle and a circle! Only a little imagination is needed.