What is a cartridge?

Even the most knowledgeable user in computers knows that the printer has some kind of thing, which everyone calls a “cartridge”, which allows this printer to print. Also, sometimes our knowledge extends so far that we can guess that the ink in the cartridge periodically runs out, and the most advanced can even remove the cartridge from the printer and shake it so that it can print better.

So what is a cartridge? This word comes from the English cartridge - cartridge to arms. Today it means a replaceable unit for some equipment, which contains certain parts and components, closed with a special protective sheath, as well as consumables.

Most often, this word we hear in relation to printers and other printing devices.

Cartridge device

What does the cartridge consist of? The ink block of the printer consists of two parts. The first is a special ink reservoir or inkwell, and the second is a system that provides ink through special capillaries to the nozzles, which, in turn, are fired with ink on paper, so to speak.Inside, this ink tank is sometimes filled with a special material like a sponge, which is saturated with ink. Sometimes the ink in this device is held due to the pressure difference.

An important part of the printing device is the head, which in some models exists as one unit with the cartridge itself, does not disassemble, and must be replaced each time the cartridge itself is replaced. Other models are equipped in such a way that the head does not change, and only the finished ink tank is replaced.

Some printers, such as Epson, are equipped with special indicators that inform users about the level of ink, and do not allow reuse of the so-called "refilled" cartridges, as this affects the manufacturer's opinion on print quality. Although our craftsmen reflash their printers well, as the frequent purchase of expensive new cartridges is not included in their plans.

A little about ink

Different cartridges for different printers use different inks respectively. But to follow this rule is not always and not everyone succeeds. Moreover, the stores sell a large number of inexpensive and versatile, as claimed by the sellers themselves, ink. However, this versatility is not always good.Often this ink is suitable for printing with low quality resolution, mainly for printing simple black and white text.

True, sometimes you can find the original ink, though they are not cheap. Although if you want to achieve high quality printing with such original ink poured into a home-refilled cartridge, you are unlikely to succeed. For excellent printing, you still have to spend money on a new cartridge refilled in the factory.

Now you know what the cartridge is for and what it consists of. So if you have any problems with your printer, then you will be savvy in this matter, and do not "lose face."