What dreams lie?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 6, 2012

If you dream that you are lying and cannot sleep, you may not have fallen asleep. But if you still fall asleep, then try to fall asleep again in a dream, and then you will have such fabulous dreams that you won’t mind asking what dream lies. I do not even want to wake up.

In general, lying dreams can mean different things. It all depends on the context.

If you are lying on the beach or just somewhere on the grass, relaxing from work, then everything is absolutely wonderful and safe for you.

If in a dream you are too lazy to get up or, moreover, you are weak and can not get up, you will be chased by decadent moods and even pathology. Draw conclusions.

If you are lying because they are not beaten, then you are defenseless and full of fears. Get rid of them.

If you lay down in a drunk or naked form, not at home, but somewhere, then you will commit a shameful act.

Laying down in a dream in a coffin can mean both a quick death and a very long life.

So lie in a dream only on health, and at the slightest ailments immediately get up.