What does the name Cyril mean?

Names are something that is unique to humans. He gives names not only to his children, but also to the objects and phenomena that surround him, putting all their essence into it. The same happened with the names of people, they were chosen, reflecting the character and fate of a person, choosing a patron for him or describing his attitude towards him.

Meaning and origin of the name

What does the name Cyril mean, where did it come from and how is it translated - the name Cyril came to us from ancient Greece, in translation it means a small lord, younger lord (since it is a diminutive form of the "lord" of Cyrus). At the moment, this name is practically not found in other countries except Russia and the near abroad.

Character traits

What does the name Cyril mean if we are talking about the character of this person:

  • Cyril is curious, he is easily keen on almost any phenomenon and seeks to learn everything possible about him. He is interested in almost everything that happens around and even as a child when he enters the age of “why”, he may not get out of it for many years, and then he will answer his own questions.
  • He loves himself with all his soul, sometimes not understanding what he can cause hostility from others. He is of a high opinion of himself and sets himself a high bar of achievement, but seeing that, he can not cope and throws halfway through.
  • He loves not just the attention of others, but praise, so he would never miss the opportunity to talk about his successes, even if small, he likes gentle appeals, such as Kirill. He tries to do everything as best as possible, to look good, to show good manners, precisely to hear again how wonderful he is. In childhood, it may even be realized, then it is practically done on the machine, but if this behavior bears fruit, then Kirill will stick to it for many years. Such self-love and awareness of its positivity even borders on egoism.
  • He is not predictable and his mood changes easily, he is full of surprises and it is impossible to say what he will be in the next second. He is a sane person who takes objective facts into account, but his external reactions may say quite the opposite.
  • He is curious and remarkably managed with information, is able to easily put everything on the shelves and connect dissimilar elements, this makes him erudite and resourceful.
  • He adheres to the rules, maintains discipline, he has strict moral principles, from which he does not allow himself to retreat, so he rarely lies and is not inclined to change, being in a relationship. Having met his only one, he will love her purely and sincerely, will be faithful and faithful to her.
  • He is passionate and adventurous, able to make unexpected decisions, but intuition rarely fails him, suggesting that he will be right in this situation.
  • He is confident in himself, he can submit himself, but he gets used to people only after a certain period shows himself to the present. In his social circle, where he is comfortable and there are no strangers, he is very sociable.
  • It combines contradictory trends: it is both efficient and lazy, closed and sociable. These traits replace each other in his personality under the influence of time and situation.