What does the name Angelina mean?

Leonid Veselov
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What does the name Angelina mean?

The name Angelina comes from the ancient Greek language and means "angelic"

Angelina girl is usually born to parents who love each other, such couples rarely get divorced. Relationships in the family are reflected in the character of the child, the girl is very similar to the mother, she is kind and gentle.

In childhood, the girl is irritable, likes to argue and prove his case. At school she studies poorly, does not like to go there. Angelina is not accustomed to counting on someone�s help, she is raising herself.

Angelina grows up a hospitable hostess, loves comfort and guests, who prefers to invite to her. She's just not easy to lift.

Angelina, born in winter, has a character similar to a man. She is easily deceived, will be looking for profit in everything for herself, stubborn and capricious.

Summer Angelina is trustful and open. Often suffer because of this. They marry in twenty years, but the marriage does not last long.

In this they are similar to the Angelins, who have a birthday in the fall.

All absolutely Angelina very sexy, easily excitable.Demanding on a partner, loves diversity and requires the same from the partner. Angelina�s lack of patience does not allow a man who doesn�t like her sexually stay with her for a long time. She easily breaks up with inept partners.

Angelina is a big egoist. Therefore, she has few friends. He does not like to reckon with the opinions of others, wants to be first in everything.

Professionally successful as a doctor, teacher, lawyer. Angelina is rarely found among the creative professions. By nature, Angelina is not endowed with fantasy and ease.

With Angelina well in the company, she is cheerful and resourceful. But do not underestimate her. Witty, sharp on the tongue, will shut up in the belt of any daredevil who dared to join the skirmish with her.