What is the left hemisphere responsible for?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
January 24, 2015
What is the left hemisphere responsible for?

Hemispheric asymmetry is the most important distinguishing feature of the human brain, which is manifested in morphology and in the organization of mental processes. This feature determines the functional specialization of the hemispheres of the brain. Speaking in simple language, interhemispheric asymmetry means that the right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for some mental processes, and the left - for others.

In this article we will tell you what the left hemisphere is responsible for and what the dysfunction of this zone threatens a person with.

Left Hemisphere - Speech and Facts

The left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for the human speech abilities, and the conversation not only about controlling speech, but also the ability to read and write, that is, the left hemisphere remembers dates, facts and names. The left hemisphere also determines the logical and analytical abilities of a person.

People whose left hemisphere is more developed than the right one are more prudent, more punctual, they like to plan, they easily work with numbers,they prefer the exact sciences to the humanities and non-fiction literature - fiction, do not believe in the otherworldly and do not like to express emotions.

Model of consciousness according to Grinder

John Grinder, co-author of neuro-linguistic programming, described the left-hemisphere model as logical, coherent, linear, symbolic, reality-based, verbal and discrete.

Nerve endings of the left hemisphere

The right hemisphere consists of white matter, the left - from gray. In the left hemisphere, neurons are more closely spaced to each other than in the right, and therefore it is able to distinguish subtle nuances and intricate riddles. People of the left hemisphere type are great at solving puzzles.

Dysfunction of the left hemisphere

Dysfunction of the left hemisphere disrupts the ability of a person to process information, and also leads to various problems with speech. In addition, the patient may also have problems with reading and writing, begins to confuse letters and words, often does not understand the meaning of what he heard. A person with dysfunction of the left hemisphere is not able to analyze information, even if he understands it, he cannot adequately perceive the events taking place.

In patients with strokes of the left hemisphere, patients also experience paralysis of the right side of the body.