What does legal drugs mean?

������When using legal drugs a person gets an effect similar to the effect of taking illegal drugs. With their help, you can increase energy, experience euphoria and cheer up. Most often in the market they are sold in the form of tablets or mixtures.

What are legal drugs?

It should be understood that legal drugs are substances and drugs that are currently not fully investigated or not investigated at all, and are not included in the list of prohibited drugs. Drug manufacturers are launching psychotropic substances to the market faster than they are able to recognize and bring to the examination of law enforcement agencies. Drug dealers at high speed create in a synthetic way more and more new substances.

Who benefits?

These people have three huge benefits. First, they work within the law until the drug is included in the banned list. Secondly, the youthwhich is the main consumer of drugs, is bought on the phrase "legal drugs", believing that, once drugs are allowed, they can be used without consequences. Third, drug traffickers, taking advantage of people's dependence on legal drugs, receive clients who will later switch to more expensive and hard kinds of illicit drugs, bringing them more and more incomes.

Almost all drugs were legal.

At one time, most of the now illegal drugs were legal. Heroin was sold freely in pharmacies, being one of the components of soothing cough pills. Doctors used opium as an anesthetic. MDMA was used in psychological and psychiatric practice as a drug to combat depression, as well as to create a confidential atmosphere in counseling couples. Morphine was previously prescribed by doctors to combat alcohol dependence. Marijuana was used as an anesthetic.
Over time, doctors ascertained many side effects from the use of these drugs, as well as the heavy dependence that people got into after they started taking them.Then the drugs became prohibited. Their use in medicine and psychiatry was no longer acceptable. However, during their use, people became addicted with all the ensuing consequences - broken lives, problems in families, rejection of society.
It must be understood that the use of any drugs, legal or illegal, is completely unacceptable. Unfortunately, they do not solve any problems, but only create them and distort the fate of people.