What does a stick mean in a dream?

A stick is a symbol of double meaning: it is both a sign of control over someone or something (from the driver's stick to a conductor's stick), and the object being punished is beaten.

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What is the dream in a dream?

Idiomatic dream book

A stick in a dream is as multifunctional as it is in life: it also dreams of sudden good changes (to wave the wand, as if by magic), and as a sign that there is a danger of overdone in a given situation (do not go too far). It is also a symbol of receiving unexpected help in a difficult situation (stick - support), or punishment by the authorities (batting). In addition, in a dream to see sticks - to the fact that detractors will interfere in your affairs and will repair the interference by "inserting sticks into the wheels."

Dream Aesop

There are also many options for sleeping with a stick. First of all, the stick symbolizes power. Oddly enough, the interpreter claims to see in a dream how you are beaten with a stick — for good: it means career growth, bonus payments in one form or another. But to beat yourself with a stick in a dream - to the troubles that have arisen through the fault of your children, both young and old.

Repulsing with a stick from attack is a sign that you need to concentrate your forces as much as possible, you will need them very soon. To get an unexpected blow with a stick means that you are “not in the know” in some situation that is important to you, moreover, you are deliberately left in the dark. In this case, curiosity is really not a sin: show perseverance, delve into the details.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

He says that if in a dream you have a stick in your hand, and you punish someone with it, this is a good sign: expect the enterprise that you started will certainly bring you profit.

Veles dream

Making a profit in a particular case guarantees a dream in which the sleeper beats a stranger with a stick. But to lean in a dream on a staff is not good: you will get bad news, or you will get sick. If you need a stick in a vision, but you cannot find it in any way - wait for financial problems. The stick that has to be pulled out from somewhere means red tape in business.

The gypsy dream book agrees with the opinion of the dream book of Veles regarding how useful it is in terms of making any profit in beating a dream with a stick of strangers.Stick in hand - a symbol of the upcoming journey, the long road.

According to the wanderer’s dream book, a sign that you have problems whose solution should not be put aside: this can be fraught with unpredictable consequences. In addition, it is a symbol of male power and authority.