What do rabbits dream about

A rabbit in a dream is a symbol of material well-being and fertility. His image is closely associated with the concepts of "children", "loyalty", "inner fears", "constant movement".

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What do rabbits dream about
What do rabbits dream about

Dream Miller

Rabbits, according to the American psychologist, dream of a fortunate coincidence. In the near future, your financial affairs will improve. White rabbits - confirmation that your loved one is faithful to you. If around you frolics a lot of playful animals, it means that you will give offspring a reason for joy.

Dream Vanga

A blind Bulgarian soothsayer declared that the rabbit can be both a bright and a bad sign. For example, white individuals foreshadow a romantic acquaintance, which can later become fateful. For family people, these rabbits are a symbol of a happy marriage and loyalty. If you saw a little animal with an unusual color in a dream, wait for unexpected changes in fate. See black rabbits? To destruction, financial losses, diseases.For a man taking in a dream such an animal in his arms, death is roaming in reality.

Dream lynn

Deniz Lynn, a well-known esoteric expert, believes that the appearance of a rabbit may indicate a fear that has been driven deep into the mind. In addition, it can signal an internal rush, the absence of a clear vision of the target. In this case, the person needs to clearly define priorities, to meet with fear face to face. Why do rabbits dream of tired people? Besides, it's time to spend more time in the family nest, relax, become tender and kind-hearted.

Gypsy dream book

A dream in which the rabbit (hare) sits quietly, predicts a chance to increase wealth. The animal in the cage promises great wealth. Why dream of rabbits small? To a series of pleasant, but not too profitable things. The white animal hints at receiving an inheritance, the black one at the high riskiness of the conceived enterprise, the possibility of large financial losses.

Modern dream book

Why dream of a large number of rabbits? Pay attention to health: perhaps you develop neurosis. If in a dream you saw a rabbit cornered, in the foreseeable future you will have to help a loved one in distress.The appearance of a cowardly little beast in a dream can also foreshadow an unpleasant conversation with the authorities. However, if the dream was from Thursday to Friday, you will manage to get out of a difficult situation at work.