What can flirt give us?

Every day we communicate with many people. We like some more, others less. With someone we want to continue communication, and we want to never see others again. I believe that women, due to a more developed intuition, feel well people, especially men. It helps us to communicate with the opposite sex. Not only good intuition can boast of ladies, but also the ability to flirt.

Flirting is a peculiar way of communication between people, and especially girls. Someone flirts better, someone worse, but it's done by absolutely all people, and even by those who zealously deny it.

How to learn to do this?

Girls very often use this skill, because it allows you to understand whether the gentleman is worthy next to her, whether to continue to communicate with him, how interesting the interlocutor is. You should not perceive and present the flirting girl as ill-mannered and dissolved. After all, flirting is the art of communication! But, unfortunately, there are girls who really cross the line, between flirt and vulgarity, as a result of which they become vulgar.

I have one friend who claims that she absolutely can not play. I did not believe her for a long time, because I believe that this is a skill in women in the blood. But, after I saw her communication with the guy, I realized that she needed to learn many things. Otherwise, no matter how sad it may sound, you can wait 10 years until someone decides to start a relationship with you.

What is meant by this concept? This is, above all, the view of man. Your eyes should shine, radiate positive energy. Looking can make the person understand what you feel about him. Just do not stare openly - it can scare any person. If you like a man, it’s enough to hold your eyes on him for a few seconds and take him aside. Play with your eyes - this is interesting.

A smile is an integral part of the art of flirting. Smile is generally beneficial for the body, and in communication it helps to break down psychological barriers. Only with special communication you do not need to smile, showing all the beautiful teeth, a rather light, easy smile. She will make it clear to the object of your interest that you are in a good mood and you want to communicate with him.

If your “signals” at a distance were crowned with success and the moment of communication came, with the man you liked, a voice would play an important role. He must be calm, alluring. Do not speak in a raised voice commander voice, even if you are so used to.

The touch, this part of the art of seduction, occurs only if you, after talking with a man for 10 minutes, did not run away from him, but rather became more interested in him. So you need to touch at ease, let the man think that you did it by chance. The touch should last a few seconds. And do not forget to smile.

Flirting is a way of non-verbal communication between a man and a woman. The words here do not matter much, they will be later. It allows you to endear people. True, this skill must be used wisely. The bosses, colleagues - this is not the best objects, except when the woman pursues a goal. With whom to flirt and do it or not, you decide lovely ladies.

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