What affects growth?

In this article we will try to understand what affects the growth of a person, let's talk about the main factors and touch on some very delicate for many physiological moments.

The main factors affecting growth

  • The main, one might even say, fundamental factor influencing a person’s height is, of course, heredity. Note that genes do not affect the length of a child’s body at birth, but only its subsequent growth. Today, scientists and sports physicians are actively involved in heredity, because if a child has high parents, then it is likely that he can make a good volleyball player, basketball player or high jumper (of course, with other supporting data).
  • The second, by value, factor that influences the growth of a child is nutrition. If the nutrition is correct, that is, balanced in content of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and the food does not contain harmful substances, then the growth process will take place normally. No less important, and what a mother ate during pregnancy. Remember that proper nutrition of the mother can increase the growth of the child by about 10% - an impressive figure.
  • The next factor that also actively influences growth is various diseases. If a child has or is suffering from bone diseases, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases or diseases of the thyroid gland, and other endocrine glands, the growth can be reduced by up to 20% of the possible. By the way, it is growth retardation that should put parents on their guard first of all - in this case, a visit to a doctor often helps prevent a developing disease.

Healthy lifestyle and growth

This factor is usually underestimated, but in many cases it is precisely he who is the cause of the delay in growth, if not his absence. Such a bad habit, like smoking, affects growth directly. And the dependence here is directly proportional - the more a teenager (or even a child, as is now often the case) smokes, the less he grows, and sometimes he does not grow at all. But what has a positive effect on growth is sports. Such exercises are particularly good in this sense, such as hanging on a bar. From sports and sports that positively affect the growth of a child, we note volleyball and swimming, as well as high jumps and basketball,since in these sports, in order to achieve certain results, it is often necessary to stretch literally at attention. The only thing that should be avoided is extreme physical exertion. Not only is it just harmful for a fragile child’s body, it has no effect on growth, but regular and moderate dynamic loads are just what is needed for the normal growth of a child.

Hormones that affect growth

People often ask: "What else besides genes is responsible for the growth of a person?" Of course, these are hormones. The main growth hormone, which is often called so, is hormone somatotropin (or somatropin, other names - growth hormone or somatotropic hormone). For the sake of brevity, we will call it STG. This hormone causes a clear acceleration of bone growth in length. GH is especially active in children, as well as adolescents, and a little less in adolescence, since during this period people did not have growth zones in the bones. The most active GH production occurs 1-2 hours after falling asleep. In order for the growth hormone in the body to be as large as possible, it is necessary, firstly, to get enough sleep, and secondly,engage in gymnastics and other physical exercises; thirdly, consume sufficient amounts of protein foods, because proteins are closely associated with GH, which enhances their synthesis and is stimulated by proteins to make their own. Therefore, products that affect human growth should contain a large amount of protein. These are dairy products (low-fat), meat, poultry, fish, eggs, buckwheat porridge, black bread, mushrooms, dried apricots, nuts, legumes and Brussels sprouts.

What affects the growth of a member?

A typical youthful question, although many men are concerned about the size of their “dignity” even at quite mature age. I will not delve into the causes of this issue (although they are already clear to the overwhelming majority of both men and women), I just want to immediately dispel two typical male delusions. First, masturbation does not affect the growth of the penis. Well, and secondly (they write about it everywhere, but still they don’t believe it), the length of the penis practically does not affect the quality of the sexual act and the degree of satisfaction of the woman. And what is the effect? To a large extent, the thickness, and the rest - the ability to use their "friend".But to the question of what affects the size of "manhood", the answer will be: heredity, the absence of bad habits and pathologies, and normal nutrition. By the way, if you don’t have bad habits, then at least a centimeter you definitely added to your friend, so you can be proud of yourself. And of course, do not abuse alcohol. But eating protein foods will be very useful - you’ll add special centimeters to yourself, of course, don’t add, but keep in good shape - including in that very place.